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Dating Coach: How Freezing My Eggs Transformed My Dating Life
Life became a lot more carefree after I froze my eggs!
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Dating With Frozen Eggs: How The 20K Investment Changed My Life

Were you too busy with your career to realize the years were flying by and you were not in a baby-making relationship? If so, Shelley, of relationship coach duo Claudette & Shelley, shares her story about freezing her eggs and how it helped take the pressure off her dating life. Read on to learn more about the procedure and the benefits of freezing your eggs.

Why Couples With Kids Are So Dang Happy [EXPERT]
Our experts agree: Couples without kids are NOT happier than couples with kids.
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Why Couples With Kids Are So Dang Happy

Couples without kids are probably so much happier than couples with kids. After all, couples without kids have fewer financial constraints, fewer responsibilities and more time to themselves. Plus, waking up to change diapers in the middle of the night must make coupled parents totally miserable, right?

3 Tips To Get Your Kids To Use Their Imaginations
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3 Tips To Get Your Kids To Use Their Imaginations

Are your children lost in cyber space? Do they prefer the company of video games and television to the family? Are their only friends on Facebook? Can they day dream and use their imagination to create wonderful games or activities on their own? Do they need someone or something to tell them how to have fun? If so, they need to develop their amazing imagination and think of new ways to solve problems, create possibilities and think their own thoughts. Here are three great ways to plug in imagination

first child mom pregnant with second baby
"So are you ready for another?" I asked my husband. His response was shocking.
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Why Having A Second Baby Is A 'Big Effing Deal' To Me

Several months into motherhood, just as things really start to settle down, you realize your baby is in fact, no longer a baby. That's the point where you turn to your partner and ask "So, you ready for another?" The response I received from the man who was so interested in having three children once upon a time, was shocking.

Beating Infertility: We Will Become Parents, No Matter What
"Our babymaking difficulties almost drove us apart."

Beating Infertility: We Will Become Parents, No Matter What

After one-and-a-half years of fruitless (and awkward) babymaking sex, we had decided it was time to move forward with Plan B and seek out fertility testing. It was a big step. After all, not so long ago, we had been on the brink of separation, in part because of our frustrated efforts at procreation.

maci teen mom
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10 Things You Need To Do Before Becoming A Mom

A few months before Lily was born, I jolted up from a rare, deep sleep. I'd been dreaming about a dinner of lobster and clam chowder and it was fantastic. The next weekend, I ate it. As I savored every bite, I wondered when on earth I'd be able to have another meal like that. It certainly wasn't the most child-friendly restaurant—would I ever eat there again? In six months? In a year? Five years?

money in relationships

How The Recession Forever Changed Relationships

Examining the economic downturn's effects on how we find and show love. With strapped wallets, tightened belts and the national unemployment rate nearing double-digits, we can only hope that rumors of the recession's demise prove true—and soon. Here at YourTango, we wanted to know how the economic downturn in the U.S. has changed dating, marriage, sex and family already, and which of these changes will stick when the recession's over.

signs of doomed relationship
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15 Signs Your Relationship Won't Last

The Frisky's “Mind of Man” columnist has argued that couples moving in together is the kiss of death for a relationship. This other writer thinks he's crazy—always, always, always move in together before you commit to marriage!—but there are other real kiss of death moments for couples. Check out "15 Signs You're Headed For Bed Death" below. Just don't be mad if you decide to dump your boyfriend as a result.

hugh grant
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Hugh Grant Has Babies On The Brain

When you think confirmed bachelor, you automatically think "Hugh Grant character," right? After which, you think, "Hey! Isn't Hugh Grant a bachelor in real life too? Sometimes life imitates art, right?" Well, it looks like the "Did You Hear About The Morgans?" star is talking about having babies.

Biological Clock
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30-Something Women Have Babies On The Brain

Ask almost any childless women in her 30s to name five things that have been on her mind lately, and there's a good chance she'll mention her biological clock. It may not be the first thing she names—her career, the economy, saving for a house, her parents' health, the health of her relationship, finishing her dissertation, fitting back into her skinny jeans, and finding someone to share her life with may be getting more of her attention; but for a vast majority of us, the idea of having kids is something we think about nearly as much, if not more, than almost everything else. After all, our biological clocks and the issues of when, whether, and how long we have left to procreate determine so many other variables in our life. And for those of us who wait until our 30s—a quickly growing number of us these days—it's a decision we face when the stakes are especially high.