Dating Tips: 4 Ways To Be Authentically Hard To Get
Authenticity comes from being hard to get, not playing hard to get.
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Who's Playing Games? 4 Ways To Be Authentically Hard To Get

Playing hard to get and being hard to get are two very different things according to dating expert Elizabeth Stone. In order to maintain interest and avoid unobtainable expectations, one should never play this gimmicky game. Read on to learn the 4 ways you can (and should) be authentically hard to get.

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4 Gold-Medal Dating Rules For Singles

Worry not, non-athletic individuals of the world. Sure, we don't excel in sport, but that doesn't mean we aren't good at other games. Take dating, for example.

cat and mouse
Should you be the pursuer or the pursued?

Is This Normal? I Have To Chase Him

Dating is often a game of cat and mouse, but presumably, doesn't the mouse just give up and then you start looking for apartments together? This week, Cat (really, that's her name) wrote in to ask if it's normal for men to expect you to be in constant pursuit. She writes: "We hooked up for about 2 months and twice during that time he got upset for whatever reason (he plays the martyr bit, “you don’t have time for me”) and stopped talking to me without ever discussing it.

heart break
A small part of us makes us seek affection and approval from those who withhold it.
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When you're hard to get, we try harder. What if your guy cheated in his past relationship? It really bothers some guys if their lady has a high number. What if your lover refuses to answer when asked what his "number" is? Food is just as important to women as it is to men. Imagine that! And, six reasons black women should date outside of their ethnicity.