Get like Pharrell Williams and be happy!
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10 Easy Ways To Be As Happy As The Danish

Once again Denmark comes out on top as being home to the happiest people in the world. According to new research, the reason behind their happiness has to do with their genetics. They have a certain version of a gene that influences brain levels of the mood chemical serotonin. But if your DNA is far from being Danish, don't worry — there's still hope. Try these 10 easy things that have been scientifically proven to make you happier.

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We wake up to the choice we have in each moment.
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Wake Up In Your Relationship: The Responsive Intimacy Of Life

Life gets increasingly easier, more rewarding and exciting as we acknowledge and relate to it as the living responsive mirror of ourselves and our own inner experience that it is. YourTango expert Maryanna Bock explains how relationship is not something we have. It is what we live in or don't — the choice is ours.

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It can be as simple as repeating numerous times, "I've got this day."
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End The Morning Madness: Here's The Easiest Way To A Happier Day

Do you start your day feeling as if you have a thousand pound weight on your chest? Unless you live on a beach with a wait staff, you probably have tasks to do during each day that you don't particularly enjoy or a to do list that feels overwhelming. Here's how to change your morning programming so that you can learn to look forward to your day.

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Want a happier relationship? Say "thank you!"
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It's Science: 7 Secrets To A Happy Relationship

One of the largest studies of relationships ever has finally reported its findings. Conducted over a two-year period that encompassed 5,000 people of all relationship statuses, ages and sexual orientation, the study reveals some pretty interesting keys to keeping your relationship happy. We break it down for you.

Freedom through Commitment
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Freedom through Commitment

David and I were on the approach to The Golden Gate Bridge when I had a “feeling” to check my cell. Sure enough, four calls within minutes, evidence someone was urgently trying to reach me. Validation that my intuition (i.e. that feeling) was working—oh, I just love that part! The part I don’t always LOVE is what’s actually “up.” Which, in this instance, was cause (or opportunity) to do an abrupt about-face and radically shift our plans, literally changing direction…with, I might add, nary a hiccup, hitch or grrrr.

Quotes About Happiness To Share With The One You Love
Make each other laugh!
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15 Happy Quotes To Make You (And Your Loved One) Smile

Love — it makes us smile, it makes us giggle and it makes us rejoice in the little moments we share together. In other words, love makes us happier human beings. And we're reminded of it with the recent conclusions garnered from Harvard's Grant Study. Here are fifteen love quotes (in easy-to-pin ecards) to make you both appreciate the happiness you've found in each other.