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Top 5 Tricks & Treats Of Dating

In the spirit of Halloween, I offer you dating's top five tricks — the things that keep you alone and feeling frustrated in dating and love. I would be a bad witch if I did not give you the corresponding 5 treats — the things that make dating all worthwhile — that dispel these myths once and for all! Ladies, I am not here to sugar-coat today's dating scene. I will concede that dating can be a challenge and at times be down right horrible! The problem is if we don't question the tricks we have playing out in the hidden corners of our minds — the ones that influence our behavior and make us doubt our capabilities of attracting and keeping lasting love — we will never get to the treats that love has in store for us.

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How Halloween Costumes Can Spice Up Your Relationship

Halloween is the perfect time for expressing your wild side with adventurous role-playing and sexy costumes. It can be a lot of fun for you and your partner to dress up and go out to a party, or just stay home in costume as you hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters. Afterwards, take your role-playing into the bedroom and really spice up the cool October evening. Taking on different characters can add excitement and variety to your relationship, as you have the opportunity to explore your secret fantasies and private fetishes.

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Love & Beauty: What Is "Fat Sex?"

Top 50 beauty products for moms. 6 botched plastic surgeries. Would you let a few extra pounds keep you from having healthy sex? Kirstie Alley sure doesn't. Holly Madison's boobs are insured for $1 million. 7 very logical beauty fixed to very common problems.

Wicked Celebrity Breakups

Wicked Celebrity Breakups

By Jessica DeRubbo Let’s face it: It’s not often that breakups and divorces are civil and lacking in drama. In fact, most are ridden with angry fights, jealousy and revenge. America’s A-list celebs prove that theory better than any other group! Consider Bristol Palin, Courteney Cox and Mel Gibson. Bristol Palin

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Halloween Costumes: Fun For The Whole Family?

We’re good friends with a family who dressed up as the Incredibles last Halloween. It was, well, incredible. Each family member matched perfectly with one of the characters from the animated movie, and they even had portraits taken by a professional photographer friend. I was impressed with the family as a whole; with the effect of five people showing up to parties in perfect costume, with the kids' enthusiasm for the theme, and for the parents’ willingness to be kind of goofy for the sake of their kids – and in Spandex, no less. I admired them as I sat in my standard blue jeans thinking, “There is absolutely no way I would dress up with my family.”


Are You Dressing Sexy This Halloween?

Every week, Lyz on Love brings you a round-up of news on love, relationships and other spicy stuff. This week, I'm talking about Halloween costumes. And really the main take away for this week is don't be a sexy nurse. Really, BE SOMETHING ELSE. When the Devil created Halloween, he wanted us to be more clever than just sexy nurse.

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Celebrating Halloween could be they key to helping your marriage!
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How Halloween Helped Our Relationship

Throughout our marriage, the tradition of the Halloween spreadsheet has helped us make the holiday our own. Thanksgiving and Christmas are constant negotiations in family demands and time management, but Halloween is all ours to enjoy. Together we carve pumpkins, play games and fuss over the spreadsheet. Often we are invited to parties, but we turn them down. Halloween is our night. And we do allow devils and witches, and all too often my pumpkins are sinister, but I understand now why my parents held so tightly to their traditions of Halloween. And no matter how crazy my future kids think the Halloween spreadsheet is, I going to make them do it.

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5 Horror Movies To Watch On A Date

Horror movies may well be the perfect date movies. They're an excellent excuse to sit close together in the dark, and grabbing his hand during the scary parts is totally acceptable. Here are our five favorite horror movies to watch on a date.

Love Bytes: Halloween Pick-Up Moves For Men
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Love Bytes: Halloween Pick-Up Moves For Men

10 must-click love and relationship links. Top 5 workplace affairs. [momlogic] Get the lowdown on the sex scandal involving married ESPN analyst Steve Phillips and 22-year-old production assistant Brooke Hundley. [HuffPo] Picking up women on Halloween made simple. [Asylum] Walt Disney princess wedding gown designer has expanded her line to include Disney-inspired diamond engagement rings. [Huliq] 19 hobbies that'll make any man sexier. [TheFrisky]