Sexy Halloween Costume
Expressing our sexuality with sexy Halloween costumes can be very healthy.
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What's Wrong With Sexy Halloween Costumes?

We all know that for any animal, vegetable or mineral out there, there's probably a "sexy Halloween costume." Whether it's Sexy Eskimo Pie, Sexy Firefighter, or — what's sure to be this year's favorite — Sexy Big Bird, you're sure to find a costume with a mini-skirt, low-cut "shirt" (more like bra) and tiny little hat.

Couples Halloween Costume Ideas barack michelle obama
Show your support for your favorite political couple this Halloween.
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5 Easy Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Since I've been in a relationship for a few years, I'm used to couples Halloween costumes. Do you need a last-minute couples Halloween costume? If you're still stressing about what you and your guy are going to do, fear not!

7 Hottest Halloween Costumes For Couples [EXPERT]
You call that a costume?
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7 Hottest Halloween Costumes For Couples

For the love of all things spooky and made of Spandex, you and your date cannot go to a Halloween party in the old plug-and-socket costumes. Wilma and Fred are so last year and there's no call to wiggle into lingerie when it's 39-degrees outside.

Couples Halloween Costume Ideas
"Wake up, Prince William. It's time for a Halloween party." "Go away, Kate Middleton."
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6 Pop Culture Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Sometimes the best part about being in a couple is getting to play the couples Halloween costume game. Halloween may still be weeks away, but it's never too early to start planning your costumes. Here are a few suggestions that you and your partner may want to try to rock this year.