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Dating Coach: Overcome Dating Insecurities
Does the thought of going on another date make you want to hide under your covers?
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6 Dating Gremlins & Goblins To Conquer This Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween, this dating coach explains how your intimacy fears can act like spooky gremlins and goblins, keeping you from finding love. The bright side? You can control your inner thoughts and kill those pesky negative monsters! Take THAT, boogeyman!

Flirting: 13 Halloween Pickup Lines That Won't Scare Her Off
Who knew that 2 people would show up as creepy Magique clowns?
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13 Halloween Pickup Lines That Won't Scare Her Off (Really!)

It's Halloween. The ONE time of year that people really take off their masks. There's a good chance you will be invited to either a Halloween party or a bar filled with costume-clad revelers that you would like to see out of their costumes; here are the pickup lines you'll need to start.

history of halloween
Scared yet?

History Of Halloween: 7 Creepy Tales of Love And The Supernatural

Love is one of the great themes throughout history—a history that stretches back far beyond our modern age into a time of legend and folklore. So it figures that many folktales seem to revolve around matters of the heart. In true Halloween spirit, let's recount seven bone-chilling folk tales that are scarier than any horror movie in your Netflix queue.

Sex: 10 Things That Spook Women in Bed
The Pregnancy Fetish Guy? Ah! Scary!
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10 Things That Spook Women In Bed

With Halloween just a few weeks away, our brains automatically go to what's spooky, and what's not. And tragically, some of our spookiest moments, when we dig deep in our brain and try to conjure up the ones we swore to forget, were ones that happened in the bedroom.