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bad breakup haircut
I suppose I could stab him with these scissors instead...
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Don't Let A Bad Breakup Ruin Your Beautiful Hair

Oftentimes, we take a breakup as a chance for a complete makeover. But does that mean you should have a drastic haircut? Human history is fraught with the tradition of shaving heads (and beards) during mourning. However, does it make more sense to let your hair stay long and luxurious and just improve your life from there?

Rekindling The Romance: The Art Of The Most Manly Haircut

Rekindling The Romance: The Art Of The Most Manly Haircut

When a man gets married, it is not uncommon for him to let his waistline and his hairline go, quickly dropping the romance in his relationship like a sack of bricks. Any man who wants to restore or rekindle the spark in his marriage and keep his wife coming back for more can look to his hairstyle in order to appear younger, confident, and attractive. There are many different ways to get a Manly Haircut depending on your flow, length, facial features, and how much time you are willing to invest in a cut. The Mad Men Look

19 Bath & Body Essentials For His & Her Needs
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19 Bath & Body Essentials For His & Her Needs

Those words have been uttered by married couples for a long time. You may have even said something similar to this to your spouse this morning. We get it, we’ve been there ourselves over the years. In marriage you need to have the bath and body essentials at your fingertips so you are ready for these situations. Having these essentials in your bathroom or bedroom can take care of morning breath, sweaty crotch, freshening up before and after sex, and much more.

no shave november
Hair, there and everywhere.

"No-Shave November? We Wear Body Hair All Year Long!"

Imagine never having to think about maintaining your bikini area — ever. Believe it or not, hairy legs, fuzzy pits, and 'no hair down there' are a way of life for plenty of women. That means skipping directly over the pre-date deforestation process and straight to outfit selection. We asked two women who live the no-shave lifestyle (and not just in November) to reveal what it's really like to live and love in a follicle-phobic society.

Do Blondes Really Cheat More?
Is there a link between hair color and infidelity?
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Do Blondes Really Cheat More?

Recently, dating and social media site Cheaterville released a survey of its users on the topic of hair color and cheating. The website is a place where you can publicly call out cheating partners — their slogan is "Don't be the last to know" — and see names of others who have cheated. According to their results, hair color seems to play a role in how likely you are to cheat.

woman shaving legs
Primp alert: Is she shaving for herself -- or for him?
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Does Having A Boyfriend Affect How Often You Shave Your Legs?

Recently, I've been thinking about how the changing seasons affect my beauty habits. A few examples: I wax my bikini line during bathing suit season, I don't exfoliate as much in the winter and I wear a gel moisturizer instead of a cream one in the summer to avoid oiliness. But one that I've noticed myself and many others tend to do is shaving less during the colder seasons, when we can cover up our stubble (or forest) with long pants or tights.

gabby douglas
"It can be bald or short, it doesn't matter about my hair. Nothing is going to change."
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'I Just Made History. And You're Focusing On My Hair?'

In a day and age when women's appearances are perpetually scrutinized, the controversy over Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas's hair is particularly maddening and egregious, since Douglas has just made history by becoming the first African-American gymnast to ever win the all-around individual title in the Olympics.

Isla Fisher
Isla Fisher loves her red locks

Sizzling Redheads Of Hollywood: Who's The Hottest?

Positively speaking, redheads are stereotypically known for their fiery passion in both temperament and sexuality. To be complete, this list includes natural redheads (Isla Fisher) as well as actresses known to regularly dye their hair red (Emma Stone).

sunglasses woman
Soak up some summer sun and look your best!
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11 Vacation Essentials To Look Gorgeous For Your Trip

The sun is out, the hopes are high and the suitcases are full: It's time for a sexy (and long-awaited) vacation. But nothing taints looking irresistible on your trip quite like realizing you completely forgot the necessary tools for a romantic getaway, so be sure to use this as a checklist.

Prep yourself to look sexy on vacation with this quick, efficient beauty routine.
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4 Pre-Vacation Beauty Rituals For A Sexy Getaway

Whether you're single or with your partner, when you're on the way to a much-deserved vacation from work, the last thing you want to think is stuff like, "Dammit, I wish I'd remembered to wax my bikini zone." Luckily for you, we've compiled a handy list of beauty rituals to take out the stress and pressure out of your precious sun-soaking days.