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Online Dating Advice: What Men Really Think Of Your Makeup
Want to know what kind of beauty looks men find most attractive?
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What Men Really Think Of Your Makeup

Many women use cosmetics to enhance the way they look in order to appeal to men. When it comes to online dating however, there seems to be a specific look that catches their eye. How does your profile pic compare?

Two of Gerdi's very special friends.
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Friends' Sacrifices For Cancer Patient Will Bring Tears

Okay guys, prepare yourselves, because this video had us crying at our desks like a bunch of lunatics. When Gerdi McKenna was diagnosed with breast cancer, her friends banded together to shower her with love. They each made a sacrifice that was at once incredible and nothing at all in the face of what Gerdi is going through. Watch for yourself, and see why we've gone through all the tissues in the office.

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"I think a little hair is sexy and mischievous." - Ryder, 26.
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What Guys Really Think … Of Hair Down There

To shave or not to shave … that is the million-dollar question (and if you get razor burn as easily as I do in the winter then it’s really a no-brainer). But for guys, does the decision to go bare really matter? Or is the bush coming back in style? From manscaping to Brazilian waxes, guys get real about pubic hair.

lady on bed with legs up
A recent survey found that 51% of ladies are letting things go wild down there.
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This Just In: Pubic Hair Is Making A Comeback

A recent survey found that 51 percent of ladies are just letting things go wild down there without any styling or grooming to be had. If Diaz, along with Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Solange, just to name a few, are keeping their Downtown Browns, what about the rest of us? What are all us average ladies on the street doing, and what do the men in our lives thing about it?

hairy guy
"Guys are supposed to have hair everywhere! Backs, knuckles, the works." - Sally
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What Women Really Think … Of Your Body Hair (All Of It)

For this week's "What Women Really Think Of…" we asked women what they think about men's body hair. And when we say body hair, we don't mean just a furry chest, but all of it: backs, happy trails and even their Downtown Curly Browns. The consensus? You might be surprised … or maybe not.

How to Style Curly Hair in the Best Way

How to Style Curly Hair in the Best Way

Curly hair styling is one of the most difficult feats to achieve for people who already have curly hair. However, once in a while you might feel like taming your hair and trying out a few different hair styles. While styling curly hairs is a bit difficult, it is not something completely unachievable. A few simple tips can help you with your hair styling to quite an extent, allowing you to look more sleek and smart. Let’s take a look at what these simple styling tips for curly hair are. Wash Your Hair the Right Way

What Women Really Think … Of Facial Hair
"I am the one who grows a goatee." Photo credit: AMC
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What Women Really Think … Of Facial Hair

From scruff to goatees, to mustaches, to the oh-so passé soul patch, to thick chops, to a full beard, to even the chinstrap which, in my humble opinion should be outlawed, we asked ladies for their input on the subject.