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Traditional Love

Is Marriage Just About Sex And Babies?

Our culture has been trying to decouple marriage (and sex, for that matter) from reproduction. The problem with that is that you can't. Yes, not all married couples plan on having children—although some of them eventually do. And even infertile couples can adopt children. We like to think of marriage as being a celebration of love and caretaking—and while that's the core of marriage, that's not why the state recognizes it and supports it. We like to think that marriage is about love, but for the government it's all about sex.

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Is The Cost Of Living Higher For Single Women?

The cost of living for married couples vs single women: whose life is most expensive? Our writer wonders: Why had I given the marrieds a financial break when it was clearly the single person who needed my kindness most? And was my financial foul indicative of a culture that penalizes single people for their relationship circumstances? I set out to investigate.