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Britney Spears Hangs Out With Tony Romo Over The Weekend

From People After a long court hearing for her custody battle on Friday, Britney Spears hit the town with her longtime friend Alli Sims – and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. The pop star, dressed in a masquerade ball mask, and Sims, first made a quick stop at the L.A. restaurant Ketchup where Romo was having dinner. "[Spears] walked around the restaurant into the lounge where she met up with some people," an observer tells PEOPLE. "She didn't eat or drink ...[It] seemed like she was rounding up people to go [out]. She was very friendly and smiley, in and out." Tango’s Take

Melrose Place to Wisteria Lane: Real Life Love

Melrose Place to Wisteria Lane: Real Life Love

On Desperate Housewives, Doug Savant's character, Tom Scavo, is married to Felicity Huffman’s Lynette. He met his real-life wife is, Laura Leighton, as co-cast members of Melrose Place. Despite the auspicious meeting, the two have a totally normal life, perhaps discounting job-hopping through prime time dramas. But let the men leering at their Hi-Defs be dazzled by Eva and Nicollette. Let the women at the water cooler gossip about the beefcake of the week. Doug Savant and Laura Leighton have something you can’t find on Wisteria Lane or at the pool in Melrose Place: four great kids, a romance that’s survived both financial and health crises, and a life that will seem more familiar to Savant’s viewers than to his fellow castmembers. Up at five. Kids to school. Work. Home. A family dinner, if possible. Homework. Kids to bed. Read on to find out more.