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You've Been Googled: What Women Really Think … Of Stalking You

Stalking, um, I mean, investigating people has become so much easier. But is it OK? Has it become a very necessary evil because we’re all that equal parts paranoid and crazy? We asked a few ladies their thoughts on stalking. Should we be taking advantage of the technology given to us? Or should we pretend it's still 1955?

Could Online Stalking Be Bad For Your Dating Life?
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Could Online Stalking Be Bad For Your Dating Life?

You just met a potential love interest, what is the first thing you do?  Tell your friends?  Plan your first date/anniversary/wedding?  No.  You do what millions of single people are doing on a regular basis… you search the internet for any shred of personal information about your new date!  Although this is fun, and can essentially put your mind at ease; is it actually damaging your dating life? The Thrill of the ChaseCould Online Stalking Be Bad For Your Dating Life

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Get a lot of help before, during, and after sex without lifting a finger.
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Want Better Sex? There's A Google Glass App For That!

Now it's 2014, so of course your sex life will be changed digitally thanks to the 'Sex with Glass' app. Want to look up a new sex position without having to search around for your phone? Want to set the mood? Google Glass has you covered and you don't even need to get up.

6 Wildest Moments Caught on Google Street View
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6 Candid Love & Sex Moments Caught On Google Street View!

Most image on Google Street View are pretty mundane. Streets, cars, buildings. The occasional dude dressed as a horse. But every so often, something special happens. And by special, we mostly mean raunchy. But sometimes sweet moments are captured too, and we've rounded up our favorite silly, sexy, loving moments from Google Street View.

Is Google Stalking Your Dates Wrong? [EXPERT]
Do you research the guys you date?
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Is Google Stalking Your Dates Wrong?

There was only one time that I felt compelled to do a little recon work on a man who had shown interest in me. We had met online. He replied to a profile I had posted to a then popular dating site. He was 25. I was 38. What did he want with me? That's the question I believe compels most women to go down the Google rabbit hole.

Nerdy Marriage
Do you have a nerdy side? You'll love these marriage proposals!
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10 Super-Cute Nerdy Marriage Proposals

Think it's time to pop the big question? Your proposal doesn't have to be like everyone else's. There's nothing quite like letting your personality shine through while asking your significant other one of the most important questions of your life.

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Most singles do "recon" on potential partners.
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Do You Google Your Dates?

Online dating may no longer be taboo, but there's still the nagging question of safety associated with meeting someone over the internet.

Does Google Know Who You Are?
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Does Google Know Who You Are?

Imagine that Debbie Disaster decides she needs help. She is up in the middle of the night smoking a cigarette and surfing the net looking for something...anything that will give her some direction. She really needs a coach. If she types "I need a life coach" into Google, Would that work?  Would she find you?

White Collar Criminal
Was this guy a Russian mobster?

Dating Disaster: Was He In The Mob?

My type, blue-collar younger guys, was not paying any dividends. So, while at Starbucks I decided to go against my better instincts and chat with a more uptown kind of guy. He joked that he was in the witness protection program. Though I wasn't sure it was right for me, we set up a date. But that was before Google informed me that he might have been joking about witness protection...

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Should You "Google" A First Date?

Blind dates are a thing of the past. In the digital age, it's so easy to find out everything about the person you're seeing before you even meet them, but is it an invasion of privacy? Where is the line between innocent surfing and cyberstalking?

Google + And Our Relationships
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Google + And Our Relationships

Google+ builds upon the latest applications and using the technology from previous social media initiatives like Facebook, iPhones, Twitter to create more user-friendly instant interactions with circles, huddles, hangouts, and instant upload. It looks like we're getting closer to being connected to one another in such a way, that as soon as you have a feeling and a thought--your action of syncing in with social media takes real-time and congruency to a whole new level.

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Divorced? Google Plus Is Not For You

Have you gotten the all-mighty Google+ invitation yet? The latest in social networking, Google+ includes circles and "plus ones" ... and boy is it so fun. I think? It's confusing. I don't really get it. I signed up this weekend and still have very little clue how to use it, but hopefully someone will be able to teach this old dog a new trick or two. Anyway, I thought I'd start my foray into Google+ by setting up my profile. Seemed like an easy enough thing to do— answer some basic questions about myself, upload a photo, and viola! But there was one part of this "easy" profile set up that got me a little confused. Under the "Relationship" part, there's a drop down from which you choose how you define your status. But Google forgot something. Where's the "divorced" option?

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Woman Fired For Running Background Checks On Dates

A community support officer began her work for the police with a man in her life but, when that operation soured, she began "googling" prospective manfriends using the Police National Computer, which became pretty addicting. Per an investigation, the woman once looked up a man 151 times in a single month. Her secret mission ran aground when she let it slip to one gentleman caller that she'd checked out his personal information on the old computing machine.