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3 Tips To Prepare Yourself For Marriage

We spend lots of money and time preparing for the wedding day. The penguin suits and puffy white dresses, cakes, champagne, the guests, where the service will be, then the reception. A lot of work for just a few hours of time. Often, we spend more time and energy preparing for the wedding, than we do preparing for the marriage. What would happen if we actually prepared ourselves for marriage, not just the wedding? What might that ‘preparing the garden’ process look like? Read on for three tips to prepare YOUR garden for marriage!

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From Hooker To Happily Married: Hookers For Jesus’ Annie Lobert

YourTango interviewed with Hookers For Jesus founder Annie Lobert. With a new TV show, Hookers: Saved on the Strip premiering on Investigation Discover, Annie dished to us on prostitution, honesty and self-worth. As a former prostitute, Annie knows how to overcome a difficult past and open yourself up to new relationships. She gives us advice on how it's done.

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Traditional Love

Religion Won't Save Your Marriage

It's not that I deny the power of faith. Faith is an incredibly important part of my life, but I know that faith is no panacea for any relationship. According to a study conducted by the Barna Research Group, couples who profess faith in God are just as likely to divorce as any other couple, and of this segment born-again Christians have the highest rates of divorce. Shocking? Not for me.

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Finding God in Sex

As a Tantrika, I see God everywhere… but not like that kid in the Sixth Sense saw dead people. Instead, I see everyone and everything as particles of divine consciousness.

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You, Me And God: Interfaith Relationships

Religion has never played a large part in my life. I grew up celebrating "Christian" holidays like Easter and Christmas, but in America, these days are so mainstreamed and commercialized, they almost seem secular. I've never minded not having a religion, and I like the fact that because I'm a blank religious slate, I can approach new religions without prior assumption. I've learned Hindu traditions while in India, marveled at the Muslim mosques while in Indonesia, caroled in a Carmelite monastery, and recently visited a Zen Buddhist center for meditation.

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7 Spiritual Principles Of Divorce

Spirituality is simply the willingness to be open to the concept that there are forces at work in this world that are beyond our comprehension. Some people refer to those forces as Nature, The Universe, or G-d. It doesn't matter what you call it, as long as you know it isn't you, because it's when you think that you are running your own life, and that it's up to you to make everything work out perfectly, you are setting yourself up for stress-related illness and Depression.

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The 10 Relationship Commandments

Were there an 11th commandment, we think "thou shalt laugh" might not be a bad addition. In order to reflect on the sacredness of love, marriage, sex and relationships, we turned to those who solemnly take the good, the bad and the ugly sides of love and make us see them in a whole new light: comedians. Click ahead to read the 10 relationship commandments, as spoken by those who make us chuckle.

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Finding Religion After Finding The One

When my husband and I got married, our divergent religious backgrounds were the last thing on my mind. From the start, we were in full agreement that we would blend our Jewish and Christian traditions into an unstructured cornucopia of customs and holiday celebrations. This all-inclusive philosophy presented little conflict, and we were compatible in our religious laziness. But, eventually, I became a restless wanderer with unresolved questions about my soul's purpose on this earth, and I longed for a deeper, more personal relationship with God.