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This Father's Day, give back to all the dads in your life.
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From The Heart: 10 Father's Day Gifts For Every Type Of Dad

This Father's Day, give back to all the dads in your life, with gifts that show you appreciate them and all they do. Whether you have memories of snuggling up with a good book and an even better daddy, or you love watching your man cook with the youngins, here are gifts for all that dads do.

Want To Get Your Man A Gift? 5 Manly Gift Ideas

Want To Get Your Man A Gift? 5 Manly Gift Ideas

Shopping for men can be difficult sometimes. Finding something practical that they can use (the only gift to ever get men) is always hard, because what exactly will your man use regularly? Obviously, modern technology should be part of gift ideas for men. Masculine gift ideas combine digital technology with traditional function. Satisfying Sports and Gadget Lovers

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Forget the standbys and try one of these unique ideas for your partner.
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Sweet (And Sexy) Stocking Stuffers For Him And Her

Whether you're filling that special someone's stocking for the first time, or looking to hit the snooze button on snore-worthy standbys (read: gym socks, deodorant), we've rounded up a list of items sure to spice up your holiday season.

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You shouldn't have! Actually, yes you should. Photo:, Flickr

Bah Humbug? Why Gift-Giving Is Crucial To Your Relationship

Even the most cynical among us can agree that the holiday season has an element of magic to it. But before a single egg is nogged or Christmas goose stuffed, there's that little matter of buying gifts. And that's when, for many of us, the magic disappears. But here's a very good reason not to throw up your hands and admit defeat this holiday season: Gift-giving can also work magic on your relationship.

Black Friday 2013: The Best Deals For Couples
Are these deals for real?
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Ready, Set, Shop: The Best Black Friday Deals For Couples

Instead of getting trampled at the store when you spot an HD TV you didn't know would be less than $100, we did the work for you so you can go into Black Friday with a clear plan of action. Whether you're shopping for a gift for your boyfriend, wife, or something you can use as a couple, here are some of the hottest steals this seson.

Amazing & Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
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Amazing & Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Coming up with Valentine’s Day gift ideas can be a challenge, especially if you’ve been together a while. Roses are always a lovely choice but are overpriced during the holiday, and chocolate doesn’t usually go over well with most women who are constantly watching their figures.  Getting a gift for a man can be very difficult, too, especially when you want to give him something that’s still in the theme of

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There are not gifts left!
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Love Bytes: Seriously Last-Minute Gifts

Great last-minute gifts. Getting fired for being irresistible. Marrying your twin sister's murderer. How to swing a threesome. 14 creepy santa pics. Why some resolutions just don't work. The Pope's stance on gay marriage. In 2013, more eye contact. What an immature man can teach you. How to deal with holiday breakups. Become a better gift-giver.