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We've only been dating for three weeks! Should I give him a gift?
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Just Started Dating? 4 Tips For The Perfect Holiday Gift

Once again, 'tis the season for your annual quest to find the perfect Christmas gift for important people in your life. At the best of times, gift-giving can be a strange and stressful mixture of obligation and a genuine desire to show appreciation for the relationship. It's hard enough to get it right with people you know well — close friends and family.

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Cyber Monday is here! Time to score great deals on gifts for your loved ones.
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Our 10 Favorite Romantic Cyber Monday Gift Ideas!

Happy Cyber Monday! Time to get ah-mazing deals online, without having to shove people out of the way unceremoniously. Since we just love helping your love life blossom by suggesting the best holiday gifts for your special someone, we've handpicked our 10 favorite romantic gift ideas you can get deals on today.

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15 Valentine's Day Gifts You'll Both Enjoy

Whether you think it’s romantic or cheesy, Valentine's Day is the holiday of romance. In the spirit of keeping things romantic, we've come up with 15 gifts you can give to each other, or get together. Either way, you'll both enjoy them!

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No Cash Or Time? 10 Last-Minute And Homemade Gifts

We put our craft and cooking hats on and came up with 10 crafty gifts that are not cheesy and are sure to be loved. And for those who are allergic to the phrase "do it yourself"—or those who are simply too busy—we've found a last-minute version of each that doesn't reek of "I totally forgot to buy you a gift and just picked this up at the drugstore."

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Be A Family Woman! 10 Gifts His Clan Will Love

Ah, his fam. Whether you’re dying to impress his parents on your first holiday with them, or trying to win over his sister on your tenth, buying for his relatives can be nerve-wracking and complicated. These crowd-pleasing gifts are sure to make everyone happy—without breaking your bank account.

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Calling All Men! 10 Gifts Your Lady Secretly Wants

OK, so that gift card you got her last year was great because she got to pick out whatever she wanted, but here's a hint: Picking out an actual gift for her will win you more points. Sound daunting? Never fear, YourTango is here! We've got some ideas that'll please even the pickiest lady but won't make your wallet cower in fear.

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10 Father's Day Gift Ideas

He's the greatest man on earth, the reason you've always had such high standards where men are concerned. He's a protector, provider, and sometimes jokester, and for that there will never be anyone better. Except the father of your own children, who has oddly enough started spouting some of the old familiar "Dad-isms" he swore he'd never say. And so, in celebration of all the dads out there: our favorite dad-speak and what to get the dad who says it.

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How To Give Him The Best Gift He'll Ever Receive

Men think women are hard to figure out, but the female set spends countless hours pondering, reading about, and brainstorming with girlfriends to answer the perpetual question: what do guys really want? YourTango went directly to the source: we polled real men on their favorite gifts of all time, and suggested affordable and luxury options based on their most-loved presents.

An Easy Gift To Help You Hang On To Happy Memories
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An Easy Gift To Help You Hang On To Happy Memories

At You.Propelled on DivineCaroline, hundreds of individuals are stating how they've enhanced their life today. The idea is to highlight the way small changes can have a big impact. This got me thinking about how small measures have powerful impacts on relationships, specifically my own. One of the best gifts I ever gave to my fiancé cost me a total of $7. I call it a Relationship Pensieve—er, basically a box full of paper cranes with my happiest memories of our relationship written on them.