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Emotionally Unavailable: You Can't Let One Heartbreak Destroy You
Nobody likes a broken heart, but until you embrace vulnerability, you'll never find love.
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Why You Can't Let One Heartbreak Destroy You

It's common to hear people cite one hurtful experience as their reason for becoming emotionally unavailable and giving up on love. Relationship expert David Wygant explains why this type of thinking isn't good for anyone.

Breakup Advice: 10 Steps To Moving On
It's time to stop moping!
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What To Do When He Disappears: 10 Steps To Moving On

You're desperately in love with him, but suddenly, he seems disinterested. You haven't heard from him for a few days. You replay all of your recent conversations, reread your texts and wonder why. But none of this is productive. If he doesn't have the courtesy to let you know what's going on, you shouldn't concern yourself with him. And that's the first step to getting over him.

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There's someone in the way of your new relationship ... and it's an ex from his past.

Is Your Boyfriend Not Over His Ex?

Are you in a relationship with someone who doesn't seem to be over his/her ex? Are you worried that your new significant other will go back to the ex? If so, help is on the way.

Why Are We Hooked on Rejection?
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Why Are We Hooked on Rejection?

You don’t need to be a psychologist to note the very harsh effects of a breakup on a person’s mental health. When a relationship ends, humiliation, rage, loneliness, anguish and grief all seem to simultaneously show up at the door, marching in arm-in-arm to parade noisily around our psyche. Evicting these emotions is a matter of healing, reconciling, finding peace within ourselves and somehow moving on.

Feel better with great hits!
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10 Songs To Help Mend Your Broken Heart

While love songs are the norm this time of year, and are my favorite kind, there’s something special about the other songs out there. If half of the songs in the world are love songs, the other half are the anti-love songs: the ones about regret, broken hearts, and angry exes.

Breakup Survival Guide: How To Get Over Your Ex [EXPERT]
Are you suffering from a broken heart?
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Breakup Survival Guide: How To Get Over Your Ex

We all have one person we just can't get over, and there's usually no clear reason why that particular person has a hold on us. Some say it is a past-life connection, while others say it is because we finally had a connection with someone that we hadn't had with anyone in a long time. Due to this connection, we hold onto that person longer than we should just because we do not want to lose that feeling we once had.

When The Person You Love Doesn't Love You
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When The Person You Love Doesn't Love You

It’s hard but it happens. And it hurts. You love someone who may have loved you once upon a time; or You love someone who acted like there was a possibility of love in return, but now there’s not; or You love someone who simply doesn’t feel the same way and isn’t going to feel the same way, ever; or

Walking Away
Walking away from an ex can lead to bigger and brighter things.

Finding The Light In A Breakup

After three whole weeks of bus-riding bliss, he told me he didn't want to sit with me anymore. "Good, I want to sit with other people anyway," I'd said in response. I was crushed, and seven years old. Thus began my failed relationship streak.

Want To Get Over Your Ex? Stop Stalking Him On Facebook
Take a stand against your ex obsession.

Want To Get Over Your Ex? Stop Stalking Him On Facebook

When it comes to bad break ups, we've all been there—curled up on the couch with a bottle of wine, crying while we look through internet pictures of our ex, seemingly happier without us. The internet, for the most part, sucks for the broken-hearted. Facebook, twitter, and blogs provide an all-too-tempting outlet to obsess over pictures of your ex and desperately scan his status updates for any sign that he is missing you.

Is it time for you to FINALLY get over your ex...and for good?
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Do You Need To Eject Your Ex...For Good?

"My ex drove by me today and I almost threw up. I couldn't believe how that wave of nausea hit me. It has been a whole year and I thought I was over him. I can't believe it. Luckily, I was near a Starbucks so I ran in to the bathroom, sat on the throne and composed myself. Will I ever get over him?"