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Survey: How Do You Get Over A Breakup?

Here at YourTango, we want to know about your breakup style—good, bad and empowering—so we can better help readers get over their breakups and move on to meeting someone new (and improved!). Take our survey and tell us about your breakup history.

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I listened to him drone and realized our connection was gone. Or maybe we never had one.
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I Got Over My Ex When I Realized He Was Boring

You may remember the crappy ex in question — the one who broke up with me over IM, stole a painting he'd given me as a present and generally made me feel like total crap for several months. Our breakup was quick and sharp (over IM, after all), but the months leading up to it were painful and heartbreaking. He was miserable and so was I.

How To Get Back Your Ex [VIDEO]
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How To Get Back Your Ex [VIDEO]

Episode six is the emotionally-charged conclusion of the Love Life Makeover Challenge, and starts with a profound realization from Nadette: she doesn't just want all of the qualities she's looking for in a man. She wants one specific man... her ex-fiance. Will Dr. Diana Kirschner be able to reconcile them? Or are they just not meant for each other. Find out!

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How To Start Dating Again After A Breakup [VIDEO]

Episode five of the Love Life Makeover video series shows YourTango's Love Life Makeover winner, Nadette, testing out her new dating skills on a series of first dates. After ending a year-long engagement, Nadette is eager to move on from her breakup and get back on the dating scene. Relationship expert Dr. Diana Kirschner coaches Nadette on how to have a successful first date.

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Breakup Advice: How To Get Over Your Ex

If you want to bring new long lasting love into your life you have to make room for it. This means letting go of that relationship you know is not working. If you are fanning a dying flame by playing that special music, ogling online, and revisiting the fantasy just because it's BTN (better than nothing), you are robbing yourself of a new, exciting opportunity.

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After A Breakup, Anger Hard To Shake

So, it's been a year since I got dumped. Frankly, I would not blame any of you for being at the point of thinking—if not saying—"Why the f**k hasn't this bitch gotten over this yet?" I wonder the same thing myself.

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Break Up. Cancel Wedding. Throw A Party.

Here's to hoping this isn't a new type of breakup. On, there's a story about a couple who was engaged to be married, er well make a life commitment to one another, but decided against it. However, they still own two abodes together, have two mortgages together and are really interconnected. Now, we realize things are getting harder during the recession, but if we had to cohabit with our ex, well, let's just say only one of us would come of it alive. However, we still wish Benjamin Dixon and Bradford Shellhammer the best of luck in this endeavor.