Ryland, a happy, healthy little boy.
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Watch: Family Puts Out Beautiful Tribute To Transgender Child

Young Ryland Whittington had more trials than most children in his early years. First, it was discovered when he was a year old that he was deaf. And second? He was born a girl. Though genetically he was identified as a girl at birth, he knew from a young age that he was a boy. His parents put together this amazing tribute to show the world how much they love and support their son. This is a definite don't-miss video.

Poet Alex Dang in action.
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Stunning Poem Reminds Us That Gender Is Fluid & Love Is Precious

In Alex Dang's stirring spoken word poem "Time I've Been Mistaken for a Girl", he recounts the number of times and many ways in which his gender and sexuality were called into question. People in the world didn't understand him and he was alienated from his family all because he was different. Love was strained in his life because of his natural orientation, something that should never be an issue. Listen to Alex's moving words, and decide for yourself.

Lessons On Balancing Love & Career
"Research shows that when women do nurturing activities, that lowers their stress level."
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Top 6 Lessons On Balancing Love & Career From John Gray

Earlier this week, we posted an interview with John Gray, whose newest book, "Work with Me: The 8 Blind Spots Between Men and Women in Business," examines how men and women could better understand each other in the workplace. Here are the highlights.

Are Gender & Sexuality Different? [EXPERT]
Do you know someone going through gender confusion?
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Are Gender & Sexuality Different?

Gender as we know it in simple terms, you are born a male and therefore your gender is a male or you are born a female and therefore your gender is a female. The same goes for sexuality; you are female and attracted to a male or you are male and attracted to a female (heterosexual). Then there is homosexual attracted to the same sex or bisexual attracted to both sexes.

Ms. Christian Grey? Study Tells Women To Take Charge During Sex
Channel your inner Christian Grey for once, not your "inner Goddess."
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Ms. Christian Grey? Study Tells Women To Take Charge During Sex

Despite our fantasies of Don Draper or Christian Grey, it's most likely a Michael Cera type who will be able to satisfy us the most sexually. A new Yale University study published in the Sex Roles journal (yes, that exists) found that men who believe they need to be dominant during playtime are less comfortable asking women about their sexual needs.

If only he paid me for this...
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Weird News: Should Housewives Earn A Salary?

It's long been said that hiring a person (or people) to cook, clean, nanny/teach a kid to read, pay household bills, shop and have sex would cost a pretty penny. And seemingly, only super villains and Brangelinas have the kind of foresight and cash to hire those several people. However, dear friends, a house spouse (let us not give husbands who work from the home short thrift) does all of these jobs and is NOT on anyone's payroll.

Is It "The End of Men" As We Know It?
Remember, say, a decade ago, when men were ruling the world? Us neither.
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'The End Of Men': Are Men SO Yesterday?

The End of Men. It's a catch-phrase we can't seem to retire, and the title of Hanna Rosin's new book about working women uprooting male power. But perhaps it's not the end of men at all—just the beginning of a newer, better version.