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gay men on date
"Sometimes a guy says he's ready, but his track record says otherwise."
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5 Lies Gay Men Tell On First Dates!

It's a busy Friday night at one your favorite restaurants in the city and you could not be more nervous. The guy that you have been "phone dating" all week has finally made plans to meet you. Now, between the gym and the new outfit, you are ready for this guy to sweep you off your feet! This is going to be the most amazing night. And it almost is … until he arrives. (Insert record scratch here.)

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Say what? These CEOs need a reminder that all love is equal.
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Mozilla Fail: 5 Most Ridiculous Anti-Gay Comments From CEOs

It was just a matter of days after Brendan Eich stepped into his fancy new position as Mozilla CEO before OKCupid announced to their members that they were blocking Mozilla because of the homophobic values of the new CEO. Here are a few other CEOs, owners and presidents of high profile companies who have said some pretty ridiculous anti-gay comments.

lesbian wedding, teddy bear
You may now take this teddy bear to be your wife.

On My Daughter's Imaginary Lesbian Wedding (To A Teddy Bear)

Like most fathers, I look forward to the day I'll see my little girl walk down the aisle. I just didn't expect it to happen on my living room carpet, on a day in which it was in desperate need of a vacuuming. I also thought I had at least 14 more years. And I assumed she would marry a boy. A human boy...

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Only you get to decide what is right for your day.
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Should You Invite Homophobic Relatives To Your Wedding?

Having trouble deciding who gets to come to your big day? Despite all the advice you are going to get, there is no one right or wrong way to decide who should or shouldn't be there on your big day. The one thing you can be sure of, is that you are doing the right thing for you. Here are five options on how to decide who should get a wedding invitation.

Michele Bachmann
Say what?! "They are specifically targeting our children."
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Michele Bachmann's 12 Most WTF Comments On The LGBT Community

Michelle Bachmann recently said gay people are "bullying" the country. This isn't the first time Bachmann has said some unsavory and ill-informed things about the LGBT community; it's practically her shtick now. Here are some other crazy comments that Bachmann has said, that will make you shudder, and scream out, "What the wha?" too.