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Michael Sam and his boyfriend celebrating the good news.
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Revel In The Cuteness Of Michael Sam And His Boyfriend

Adorable isn't often a word that one would apply to a football player, but in the case of Michael Sam, it is an apt description. We are big fans of Sam here; he seems like a genuinely polite, considerate, kind young man. So naturally, when he was drafted to the NFL, we were overjoyed for him. And Michael Sam's reaction to the news that he'd be playing in the big leagues sealed our love for him.

Gay Kids: A Letter To Mothers Of Gay Kids
You wouldn't be who you are without her.
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Dear Mom: Thanks. Love, Your Gay Son

This Mother's Day, expert Rick Clemons writes an open letter to all the moms of LGBT children in support of everything they do (and have done) to raise such wonderful, unique and special people.

Poet Alex Dang in action.
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Stunning Poem Reminds Us That Gender Is Fluid & Love Is Precious

In Alex Dang's stirring spoken word poem "Time I've Been Mistaken for a Girl", he recounts the number of times and many ways in which his gender and sexuality were called into question. People in the world didn't understand him and he was alienated from his family all because he was different. Love was strained in his life because of his natural orientation, something that should never be an issue. Listen to Alex's moving words, and decide for yourself.

Dating: How To Find A Boyfriend By Setting Goals
What do I really want in a life partner? Do I even want a life partner?
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Searching For Mr. Right? Consider Setting Goals First

The same way you know what you want when it comes to your perfect career, you've got to know what you want in a lover. Make your list of what, why, and how, and watch the love that's best for you become much more clearer. Manny Cosme explains.

The Normal Heart's Taylor Kitsch
"My mom is my best friend," Taylor Kitsch says and we melt.
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Taylor Kitsch On Kissing Jonathan Groff: 'We Had Fun With It'

Everyone's favorite blue collar sex symbol, Taylor Kitsch first raised pulses as wounded bad boy football star Tim Riggins in 'Friday Night Lights.' In May, he tackles a very different role: a gay man dying of AIDS in the HBO adaptation of the play 'The Normal Heart', set in the early years of the crisis.

Meet some of the vets banding together for marriage equality.
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Colorado Vets Stand Up For Marriage Equality In Touching New Ad

As the Oklahoma gay marriage ban continues to circle a Denver-based federal court,  the grassroots organization knows as Why Marriage Matters Colorado had a genius idea. They gathered together four friends, four veterans from all different branches of the military, and let them give their views on marriage equality. Watch this inspiring ad and let us know what you think in the comments.

Dallas Buyers Club
It's time to let the actors who best can play the role, play the role.
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Gender-Bending Hollywood: It's Time To Put The Boxing Gloves Down

Let's talk straight actors stealing all the gay roles, e.g. Jared Leto playing Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club (big clap for the Oscar winner), and gay actors stealing all the straight roles, e.g. Zachary Quinto playing Spock in Star Trek Into The Darkness. Where's the equality in all of this?

Appreciate What You Have, Then Expand Into More
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Appreciate What You Have, Then Expand Into More

You're walking down the street on a beautiful Spring day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and a gentle breeze of sweet air is blowing through the trees. Everything is perfect in this moment, and you feel the magic of the Universe come alive.  But then, a thought pops into your head:  This is such an amazing moment, if only I had a boyfriend to share this with me.  And then, suddenly, your mood shifts.  You go from being happy and peaceful, to being sad and anxious.  What happened?