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Don't take Kirk Cameron's advice!
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How To Ruin Your LGBT Child's Life

Kirk Cameron on CNN's Piers Morgan's show discussing his beliefs that homosexuality is "unnatural" "detrimental" and "ultimately destructive" is just that, ultimately destructive to our GLBT youth. This rejection by the parents and other adult caregivers of our children has a similar effect on a child as the bullying in school that these same kids suffer at the hands of other youth.

Grow Up, Kirk Cameron! The Actor's Painfully Homophobic Rant
We've lost all respect for the 80s heartthrob
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Grow Up, Kirk Cameron! The Actor's Painfully Homophobic Rant

Quite frankly after watching this video of Kirk Cameron on Piers Morgan last night, I was disgusted. The Born Again Christian was asked by Piers what his stance was on gay marriage and homosexuality and he replied by saying it was "unnatural, detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

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"The Artist": Michel Hazanavicius, Berenice Bejo and Jean Dujardin.
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Love Bytes: Oscars, Dating & Gay Weddings, Oh My!

What does your favorite Oscar movie say about you? How do you land an honest-to-goodness prince? She's gonna let him hook up with other chicks. What does faithfulness really mean? Are you dating the opposite of your type? Maybe you should. Gay weddings have different etiquette than straight ones. Online dating may not be as efficient as we once thought. What you need to know about "peacocking." Don't over-text him, for real. What about missed connections is so fascinating?

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Thousands protested Prop 8 in California today.
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Prop 8: Court Says Same-Sex Marriage Ban Is Unconstitutional

A federal appeals court has ruled that California's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, setting up a showdown in the Supreme Court. The state instituted the ban after voters narrowly passed Proposition 8 in 2008. But Tuesday's panel affirmed by a 2–1 vote that a lower-court judge was correct when he said the referendum violated the U.S. Constitution.

Will Brad Pitt Marry Angelina Jolie After All?
We say go for it, you two!
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Will Brad Pitt Marry Angelina Jolie After All?

Are Angie and Brad changing their tune about marriage? Seems like this might actually be the case for one of Hollywood's hottest couples who, for a long time, have scoffed at the idea of getting married when it's not legal for everyone, and have said they wanted to wait until marriage equality passed for all.

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Some New Catholic Priests Allowed To Have Sex—Here's Why

A number of Episcopalians have been unhappy with the denomination's recent liberal changes, things like a shift toward pro-choice views and acceptance of gay marriage, even ordaining openly homosexual bishops. In response, the Catholic Church is opening up a nationwide diocese to ex-Episcopalians who would like to join Catholicism as a group; a priest and congregation, so church leaders and members who are already comfortable with one another will have a chance to stick together. They will be expected to abide by the Catholic Church's governance, support their conservative views and acknowledge the pope. But since priests in the Episcopal Church have never had to practice celibacy, and many are already married with children, the Catholic Church is granting an exemption to their long-practiced celibacy code... but is it fair? And should it even be allowed in the faith?

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How Will I React If My Child is Gay?

When you're pregnant you run through all kinds of scenarios in your head. You ask your partner if you'd keep the baby if it had Downs Syndrome. (Yep.) You wonder if they’ll go to college. (Damn well better.) And you spend a lot, a lot of time daydreaming about the amazing lives they're going to lead. So of course you consider their future mate.

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GLBT Dating Q & A

Most of the relationship articles out there tend to be for heterosexual couples. I use part intuition and part knowledge on relationship dynamics to translate, adapt, and figure out what works best for you if you don't identify with or find yourself in traditional relationships. How and where you define yourself on the Kinsey spectrum scale of heterosexual to homosexual only matters when it masquerades the real you--and the complexity of human relationships. What really matters is understanding how and what to do to have long-lasting quality relationships. 

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Cynthia Nixon To Tie The Knot

Sunday saw hundreds of gay couples getting married in New York's city hall. It was the day the new law legalizing gay marriage went into effect and state officials had big plans to marry all 823 couples, both gay and straight, who applied for licenses that day. There were cheers all around the state, and among the elated couples were Cynthia Nixon, of Sex And The City fame, and her longtime girlfriend, Christine Marinon.

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A Christian's Take: God Doesn't Approve Of Gay Marriage

To be honest, in the beginning, I wasn't sure about writing this piece. I usually don't mind giving my opinions on a range of topics, especially involving Christianity. However, this issue is far more complicated than anything I've ever been able to verbalize. But I decided to do it, to write about homosexuality just after New York's historic vote to legalize gay marriage, because I think the Christian view on the subject is widely misunderstood.