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Homosexuality: 6 Reasons Gay Couples Make The Best Parents Ever
One reason? Their kids are more nurturing.
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It's Science: 6 Reasons Gay Parents Make The Best Parents

Researchers have discovered that when it comes to "general health and family cohesion," it's the children of same-sex couples, as opposed to traditional couples, that really shine. In a world where some people are still living the archaic dream of "one father and one mother does a family make," this is beautiful scientific news. See more facts that will prove that gay parents really have this parenting thing in the bag.

Where do the states land?
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The State Of Gay Marriage In The US

On March 21, Pennsylvania has joined the 18 states (and District of Columbia) who already allow gay marriage, bringing us to a grand total of 19! Rue Landau and Kerry Smith, a lesbian couple, were the first to get a marriage license at Philadelphia City Hall. They made sure to make it since all couples who get a license will have to wait three days to get married unless they can convince a judge to waive the waiting period. Although this is big victory there is still so much more progress to be made, especially in the southeast where there has yet to be a state to allow gay marriage.

thumbs down
25.9% people in a stinky room had a negative response to gay marriage.
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The Weird Thing That Makes People Unsupportive Of Gay Marriage

A group of scientists from the University of Arkansas recently teamed up to experiment how our sense of smell can sway our political bias, including our opinions of same-sex marriage. That sounds legitimately interesting enough, right? But what they discovered was pretty disgusting (and I'm not talking about the stink).

Meet some of the vets banding together for marriage equality.
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Colorado Vets Stand Up For Marriage Equality In Touching New Ad

As the Oklahoma gay marriage ban continues to circle a Denver-based federal court,  the grassroots organization knows as Why Marriage Matters Colorado had a genius idea. They gathered together four friends, four veterans from all different branches of the military, and let them give their views on marriage equality. Watch this inspiring ad and let us know what you think in the comments.

two brides
Only you get to decide what is right for your day.
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Should You Invite Homophobic Relatives To Your Wedding?

Having trouble deciding who gets to come to your big day? Despite all the advice you are going to get, there is no one right or wrong way to decide who should or shouldn't be there on your big day. The one thing you can be sure of, is that you are doing the right thing for you. Here are five options on how to decide who should get a wedding invitation.

Gay Marriage And Divorce: LGBT Love
What happens when "I do" turns into "I don't"?
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The Do's And Don'ts Of LGBT Divorce

Gay marriage is no different than heterosexual marriage: It's a legal union that provides rights, protections and benefits that should be available to any couple that wants them. But what happens when an LGBT couple decides to call it quits? Divorce coach Laura Miolla helps us navigate the waters.

Pope Francis
"Who am I to judge?" - Pope Francis
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The Fight For Equality: 7 LGBT Rights Heroes Of 2013

This year, there were some major key players who loudly and fearlessly sounded off, stood their ground and didn't waiver in their belief that marriage is indeed a human right, and not one that should only be afforded to straight couples. These people, just as those before them and those who will come after them, who have fought for equally, will forever be associated with one of the most important rights: the right to love and have that love be recognized.

Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson
In his interview with GQ, Duck Dynasty's Robertson compared homosexuality to bestiality.

'Duck' Dilemma: Phil Robertson's Remarks Point To A Bigger Issue

The Koran, Torah and New Testament all vilify homosexuals. As much I think Phil Robertson is an ignorant buffoon, the man was simply abiding by the tenets of his faith—he even paraphrased from the New Testament. Our culture is now starting to move past centuries-old biases against sexual orientation, but organized religion has not—and cannot—do the same without abandoning scriptural teachings. if our culture is to advance, we may need to more openly question the ancient Middle-Eastern documents on which we still base it.

gay pride rainbow balloon hearts
Celebrate all love. Photo: Guillaume Paumier, Flickr.

Real Talk About Gay Marriage

The right for the LGBT community to marry has opened up a national conversation about homosexuality and gay rights. But these experts wonder if success can be measured in such a cut-and-dry way. What's the REAL deal on gay marriage?

Must-Watch Video: Kids' Heartwarming Reactions To Gay Marriage
Just try not to giggle!
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Must-Watch Video: Kids' Heartwarming Reactions To Gay Marriage

Gay proposal videos like the Home Depot flashmob and the woman who proposal to her girlfriend outside of her office window have been popping up and taking over the internet lately. That's when The Fine Brothers got the idea to ask a group of children, ages 5-13, their opinions about same-sex marriage. And what they got were reactions that were adorable, hilarious and heartening, all at once.