Fun & Free: Use The Local Library

When the economy becomes a real bummer it's time to try out some cheap date ideas. This time around, try the library. Not for exhibitionism but for checking out books, music and movies. If buying entertainment items can further a relationship, borrowing them for free may be even better.


Fun And Free: The Exercise Date

There was once a time when you could get money for nothing and credit for free. Those days are over. Nowadays, dating must be tempered with fiscal responsibility. That being said, Tomfoolery is helping with cheap date ideas. This time around trying get the endorphins going with a little exercise. From the gym to a nice, scenic job, there's nothing like a little sweat to bring people together.

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Fun And Free: Competition As Aphrodisiac

The economy appears to be a real bummer. But fear not, we're hear with some fun and free tips. Make it a game night. While not a novel idea, it should only be done with a few really important rules in mind. Figure out how to rev up your heart with a little competition and maybe a little trash talk.


Fun And Free: House Swap

Going on vacation is a serious luxury in this down economy. Instead of complaining about it, you could take a staycation. Or you could get a free hotel stay by house-swapping with a friend. Here are tips on how to make your house-swap a successful and stress-free vacation (plus fun and free).