Dating Coach: How Freezing My Eggs Transformed My Dating Life
Life became a lot more carefree after I froze my eggs!
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Dating With Frozen Eggs: How The 20K Investment Changed My Life

Were you too busy with your career to realize the years were flying by and you were not in a baby-making relationship? If so, Shelley, of relationship coach duo Claudette & Shelley, shares her story about freezing her eggs and how it helped take the pressure off her dating life. Read on to learn more about the procedure and the benefits of freezing your eggs.

Want The Confidence In Dating To Find Your Dream Man? Freeze Your Eggs!
Egg-freezing: Free yourself of your biological clock and all that dating pressure.

Want The Confidence To Find Your Dream Man? Freeze Your Eggs

After suffering a crushing breakup at age 34, Suzanne worried that she might not meet someone else in time to have kids. Though she never mentioned wanting to have a family with her dates, she couldn't help sizing up every man for his fatherhood potential. If she felt under that much pressure, she reasoned, her dates could sense it too. But as soon as she stashed away 31 eggs in the freezer to give herself more time to find a partner, she felt her anxiety float away.