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Would You Rather Take Medication Or Eat Kale?
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Would You Rather Take Medication Or Eat Kale?

Did you ever play that silly party game called 'Would You Rather'? It worked like this: You would be offered two completely awful choices - equally ludicrous, usually gross, and often involving sex - and you had to choose which option you would rather take. A very mild example is: Would you rather live the rest of your life with no electricity or with no plumbing?

couple enjoying mardi gras celebration date
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6 Sexy Mardi Gras Date Ideas For Couples

Mardi Gras is here (!), and you can bet New Orleans will be a spectacle of booze, boobs and beads. However, if you didn't get a chance to visit "The Big Easy" for this year's celebration, it doesn't mean you can't still celebrate. As a way to include you and your partner in the last hurrah before Lent begins (tomorrow), here are six ways the two of you can celebrate the indulgence that is Mardi Gras right from your own home. Low-Cost, Last-Minute Mardi Gras

A woman measures her waist.
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Is Your Weight The Secret To A Successful Marriage?

It's no secret that a walk down the aisle most often brings about a weight gain of about six to nine pounds. But what's been a secret or a misinformed public opinion is that your weight gain is a key factor in determining marriage satisfaction. Actually, marital satisfaction is better determined by a wife's weight gain relative to her husband's. University of Tennessee psychologist Andrea Maltzer's team tracked 165 couples over a four-year timespan. The couples completed questionnaires every six months to determine their level of satisfaction. Findings? Husbands that were satisfied at the time of marriage remained so over time, to the extent that their wives maintained lower BMIs than their own, researchers reported.

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5 Secrets Of Couples Who Never Get Sick

When two people start a relationship, their joy is shared by friends, parents—and microorganisms. Those lucky little germs that once only had one person to invade now have a second body to consider home. You don't have much choice about accepting these new residents—there's plenty of evidence out there that shows when one person in a relationship is sick, the other is going to be fully exposed to his or her germs. If your immune system isn't up to the task of fighting off the microscopic enemies, you and your partner can help it out by taking some fairly easy steps to boost its chances.

Women think about food more than sex
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Women Think About Food More Than Sex

Although we all know that men tend to think about sex more frequently than women do (one in 20 think about sex once a minute—wow!), a new survey of 5,000 people shows that women may be substituting those hot and bothered thoughts with worries about what they're eating. The British survey found that 25 percent of women think about food every 30 minutes, while only 10 percent report thinking about sex that often.

Man's mouth eating a piece of bread
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How To Size Up A Man By What He Eats

Forget the old adage that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. The truth is that the way to a woman's heart is through her palate. There is no more powerful barometer of a man's potential as a boyfriend and in the bedroom than in how he seduces a woman's taste buds.

Would You Fast For Your Husband?
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Would You Fast For Your Husband?

A North-Indian festival, Karva Chauth is where thousands of married Hindu women fast all day in hopes of increasing their husband's life span. According to a blog published on the festival in the Wall Street Journal, wives dress up in colorful clothes with matching bangles and jewelry, sport henna on their hands," and fast until they see their husband in the flesh or photo form.


24 Savory Single-Serve Recipes

Finding recipes that serve one person is no easy feat! For solos looking for meal ideas that are portion-friendly and delicious, the Single Edition Just for One Recipe Collection is a long-awaited treat. Inspired by top food & celebrity Chef Alan Coxon the collection comes complete with 24 gourmet and quick main dish recipes, perfect for diners with a sophisticated palate as well as budding chefs!

Why He Likes Steaks & She Likes Ice Cream

Why He Likes Steaks & She Likes Ice Cream

As you likely know, men eat steak and women eat cucumber sandwiches. Dudes and chicks have a hankering for different foods, many studies explore why. Part of the problem is the work of Hollywood's ad wizards and the other part is the disintegration of the family. But food preferences appear to be different in other parts of the world. Why?

coffee date
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How To Choose A First Date Restaurant

It's been a couple weeks since you and your latest match on eHaromy have started corresponding, and after a few late-night GTalk sessions, the two of you are finally ready to meet in person. Do you test the waters over flights of beer? Or do you pump up the romance with a picnic in the park? Decisions, decisions—this one more challenging because your date is more or less a complete stranger.

what to eat on a date
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Men Want Women To Order Steak, Not Salad

In my experience? Going out with women who eat like small woodland creatures sort of takes the fun out of a meal. And I've heard the old "But I like salad!" refrain. I'm not saying you don't. What I am saying is, I think the only men who will be "impressed" with your order of leaves and roots are the Wrong Men. I mean, seriously—do you want to be with some dude who thinks that when you're out together, it's OK for him to take down the better part of a cow, but you've got to get your dressing on the side? Who is this a-hole you want to impress?