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Dogwood blossoms, for love in the face of adversity. Photo: Flickr, Forest Wander
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Discover The Perfect Flower For Your Special Someone

Are you struggling to know which flowers to give to the one you love? That's where we come in. YourTango has amassed the ultimate guide to the meaning of flowers. Follow our advice the next time you go to the florist, and you'll never go wrong.

15 Worst Valentine's Day Gifts
Stationary bikes, plastic roses and more awful Valentine's Day gifts.
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15 Worst Valentine's Day Gifts

Last year, after celebrating 15 years of me griping about the price of flowers and returning jewelry I didn't like, my husband finally got the hint and got me ... nothing. Unlike most of my friends, I really didn't mind. Plus, compared to some of the whoppers on this list, nothing seems like the best gift ever.

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Women Like Men Who Send Flowers, Right??

Everyone knows that women like flowers, except when they don't. Confused? It turns out that most women like it when men send them flowers. They feel special. But, for a healthy chunk of them, the specialness wears off when those flowers arrive at their office. It turns out that the extra attention makes many ladies uncomfortable. Most women like being comfortable. So, check in on her feelings before you decide to send flowers.

valentine's day ideas for everyone

Valentine's Day Ideas For Everyone

Whether or not you're in a relationship, YourTango's got you covered this Valentine's Day. Wondering how to inject more romance into your relationship? Or what true romance actually is? Or what that gift he bought you says about your relationship? There's no better time to find out.

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5 Valentine's Day Gifts We Actually Want

Valentine's Day. It's coming, and fast. Feeling nervous? We understand. After all, we've seen you—time and time again—attempt some grand, sweeping, romantic gesture, only to fall back on the same-old, same-old. And we want you to know: It isn't worth it. Because, when it comes to what we want, we're pretty easy. We swear. And flowers, chocolates and jewelry are nowhere on our wish lists (though there is that one necklace we spotted on Etsy...). What we really want?

Community Blog: Why Bother With Valentine's Day Romance?
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Community Blog: Why Bother With Valentine's Day Romance?

I read a depressing statistic: 64% of men in the U.S. do not make plans for Valentine’s Day. To add insult to injury, 15% of women in the U.S. send themselves flowers on the “magical” day of love. It started me thinking about why men are unwilling participants in Valentine’s Day. Did it mean the other 36% of men who plan a date are being dragged by their heels through the Valentine’s Day frou-frou just so they do not get into trouble?

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Why Do Flowers Make Us Swoon?

What is it exactly about receiving a bouquet of flowers that's so heartwarming? For practical purposes, the already decaying plants will wither into an eyesore within a week of reception. Yet, research shows gifting flowers—moreso than things like candles or fruit baskets—to be a surefire way to improve someone's mood. So, which came first: the flowers or the mood-altering trance they hold on us?

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Valentine's Day 2.0: A New Way To Celebrate

"V-Day." Sounds more like an invasion of Normandy than a day spent celebrating love and romance. And rightfully so. Sometimes the intricacies of preparing for the holiday resemble war-room strategy more than jubilation.For all us fighters out there, trying to stay strong against our own culture, I have some suggestions. Resistance is fine, but subversion is that much better. Don't cross your arms and insist on having a bad time just to spite everyone else. I don't want to overthrow V-Day. I want to reclaim it.