Cheeseburger fries
Trading McNuggets for sex is gross. Cheeseburgers on the other hand...
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Weird News: Woman Caught Offering Sex For McDonald's Burgers

First things first: I'm a Dollar-Menu dude. Everyone knows that about me. Being such a fan of the cheapest of the cheap when it comes to fast food, I appreciate the ends people go to for, say, a glistening, delicious, onion-y double cheeseburger from the Golden Arches. I can understand why a lady might trade sex for McDonalds.

Couple in handcuffs
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Living With Your Boyfriend Is A Crime In Florida

Looking for a place to live with your boyfriend in Florida? There's a cozy one-room studio behind bars waiting for you. A state law that dates back to the 1800's condemns opposite-sex unmarried couples living under the same roof.