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6 Reasons NOT To Run
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6 Reasons NOT To Run

By Certified Personal Trainer, Mike Donavanik, for I love running and I usually run four miles per day. Running helps me center myself, it helps calm my mind and it helps relieve stress -- not to mention it keeps up my cardiovascular endurance. But I understand not everyone is able to run. Here are six solid reasons NOT to run and some great alternatives to be active and maybe even becoming a runner in the future. 1. THE IMPACT ON YOUR JOINTS

Breast Cancer awareness
I survived breast cancer -- while competing as a swimmer.
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How I Swam My Way Through Breast Cancer

I stood on the swim platform at the stern of the Sea Satin, a 36-foot Dutch Steel ocean cruiser, shivering, teeth chattering with the frigid 60° F water of the English Channel lapping over my feet and ankles. I was wearing only my navy blue speedo swim suit, white silicone cap and green tinted goggles.

under armour athletic shoes sneakers
Check out these stylish Under Armour running shoes -- they're sturdy AND super-light!
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5 Ways Working Out Makes You More Attractive

Here at YourTango, we're always looking for ways to challenge ourselves, physically and mentally. The Glam Media/Under Armour event we attended on Oct. 2 was the perfect opportunity to do just that! We attended a sweat-heavy exercise class, learned about Under Armour's #WhatsBeautiful contest, and got outfitted in the latest gear by Under Armour.

woman exercising
Stay fit, look sexy!
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The Fittest & Sexiest Cities In America

Staying fit and looking good are two things many Americans put as high priorities in their lives. From gyms to beauty stores, there are a plethora of merchants that provide ways in which we can stay (or become more) attractive.

playing tennis
"Life is like a game of tennis. The player who serves well seldom loses."
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Study Says We Prefer 'Players': 29 Most Playful Dates

A new study on play and relationships has found that playfulness may be key to attracting a significant other. Among the survey participants (ages 18-26), three traits stood out as topping their lists of traits they sought in a mate: "sense of humor," "fun-loving," and "playful."

celebrity body parts Irresistible You
Which celeb can't get enough of her own tatas?
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"I Love My..." 12 Stars Reveal Their Favorite Body Parts

From Jennifer Lopez's legs to Kim Kardashian's mega posterior, we're taking a look at what stars have embraced about their bodies and how it has done wonders for their spirits. While some of the ladies below had to work hard at this self-love, others have merely accepted their natural beauty, which is what we all should do.

7 Steps To A Sexy Beach Body [EXPERT]
Is your body ready for summer?
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7 Steps To A Sexy Beach Body

Summer is the season when everyone wants to look good and let loose. It is also the season that most people struggle to diet and exercise their way into the best bikini on the beach. Here are seven tips to get a toned and lean body this summer, without hitting the gym.

strong man muscle
Into buff guys? According to science, they don't make the best boyfriends.
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Science Says: Don't Date The Muscular Guy!

According to a study conducted at the University of Westminster, stronger men make awful boyfriends. The study surveyed 327 straight British men, more than a third of whom were single, and discovered that the more muscular the participant, the more likely he was to have sexist beliefs and hostility toward women.

beach body like the stars
You can look and feel great on the beach this summer!

7 Easy Tips To Get A Sexy, Toned Beach Bod Like The Stars

Stars including Miley Cyrus, Naya Rivera and Vanessa Hudgens have already flaunted their fit figures in two-pieces. Here are 7 simple tips from Les Mills trainer Steven Renata and physiotherapist Bryce Hastings on how to tackle those tough-to-tone areas—your abs and your butt—before slipping into your swimsuit or swim trunks. Because let's face it, guys want to look good too!