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Our relationship started at Pizza Hut, back in high school.

Foodies In Love: How We Went From Pizza To An Engagement Ring

I was 14 years old, and to be honest, back then I was more concerned with my grades at school and the newest Justin Timberlake CD than boys. He was in the same class as me and a typical awkward teen boy: shy, had braces, but cute in that dorky sort of way. Growing up in the same neighborhood, Alex and I used to walk the same route home from school every day. After he sheepishly asked me out one day, I reluctantly said okay.

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"He was the first man I ever really loved."
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"9/11 Will Always Remind Me Of My First Love"

This morning, on September 11, many of us reflect. I think about where I was 11 years ago today when the first plane hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 a.m. This morning, I rode a creaky subway to work, my thoughts consuming me.

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Charlize Theron plays an unhinged divorcee in Diablo Cody's "Young Adult."
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'Young Adult:' Do You Ever Still Think About Your First Love?

I'll start with a word of warning. Young Adult is being marketed as a snarkier version of Juno with alcohol on its breath. Don't fall for it. This is a dark comedy about a seriously troubled, emotionally stunted 37-year-old woman who peaked in high school. So yes, it's exactly what I needed to see when I was teased in high school by the popular kids. (You're about a decade late, Diablo Cody.)

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Complete This Sentence: My First Love...

Almost everyone gets over their first love, but you never really forget that person. Whether it happened during your childhood, your teenage years or even when you were already an adult, you'll always hold a small candle for the person who first taught you vulnerability and desire.

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Love Fireworks: "I Knew It Was True Love When..."

We're (hopefully) all going to get the chance to see some fireworks this Independence Day but not everyone is so lucky as to experience the feeling of fireworks you get when you first realize you've fallen in love with someone. It's the moment of knowing he's the one; that you realize you're meant to be. Flashes of light can be seen throughout the sky every year but a real, genuine spark between two people is sometimes a little harder to find. Betty Confidential asks their readers to disclose their most personal moments, when they experienced this unique feeling of fireworks.

First love forever?

First love forever?

So what does everybody think? I know people who have been together since being 14, and are still very happy, others are more cynical and believe that you need to have more experiances in life before you can know what you are looking for. Thoughts?

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Depressed? Your High School Boyfriend Could Be To Blame

For many young people, high school love is full of firsts. You can probably think of a few yourself--first relationship, first kiss, first heartbreak or even the first time. However, we're betting you would have never guessed this first would ever be added to the list. Researchers at the University of Maine performed a psychological study which brought to light a new first for kids in love, and it has nothing to do with magical moments. They found that early relationships can often reveal the first signs of depression.


Another Look At First Love.

Note: As always, you can follow my journey on my personal blog, So about what I said... If you’ve been following my self-induced saga over Crush Boy, you probably think I’m so sort of looney love-struck teenager. If you haven’t been privy to this story, allow me to catch you up… Cliff Notes: Been in love, from afar of course, with Crush Boy for 13+ years, wrote things in my diary like "I can see myself spending the rest of my life with him" and "I KNOW he's my soulmate......" blah, blah, blah. Could never work up the courage to pour my feelings at his feet. Finally got to a point where I was pretty sure nothing would ever happen between us (It's a complicated situation, too). I see him one day over the weekend. He sees me. Me very confused AGAIN. I am 28, right? And I am a full-grown woman with a job AND a college degree, right?

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Would You Give Your First Love A Second Chance?

We can't help but remember our first loves, even if we'd rather forget them. Whether it was a high school sweetheart, your first real relationship after college, or the first person you said "I love you" to, chances are that person still holds a powerful spell over you. Now a brand-new TV show is betting on the fact that—if you haven't already found him on Facebook—you'd like the opportunity to reconnect in real life. Or maybe on live TV. Each Wednesday, "First Love, Second Chance" follows a couple who have decided to reunite and discover whether they still have sparks. OK, we can see the appeal of re-discovering the one who got away, but what would possess someone to do it front of a large chunk of America? We asked a few of the "First Love, Second Chance" cast members to find out—including the pair who got their second go at true love last night.

heartbreak-related depression

Heartbreak-Related Depression: Does It Exist?

In December 2009, Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley's 24-year-old daughter Alexa Ray Joel was rushed to the hospital after swallowing a handful of homeopathic pain pills. But just as curious as Joel's behavior was the explanation she gave for it: a bad case of "Heartbreak-Related Depression." "Heartbreak-Related Depression" does not currently exist as a clinically diagnosable form of depression. So what was Joel suffering from? Heartbreak, depression or a hybrid of the two?