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Should You Sleep With Him On The First Date?

"If you like him, don't sleep with him right away!" That's the one piece of relationship advice that most people can agree on. But is it valid? Does sleeping with a guy right away actually mess up your chances of having a relationship with him? The truth is: it really depends on the guy. When researching my book 'Are All Guys Assholes?' I traveled around the country speaking to over 1,000 guys about sex, love, and dating. One question I asked them was: If you met a girl and slept with her that night, what are the chances that it will turn into a serious relationship? Here is what they said:

Make Yourself Comfortable
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Make Yourself Comfortable

Jennifers Story: Jennifer took a few years after her divorce to work up the nerve to start dating again. When she did, her first dates were complete disasters. And they only got worse from there. Dating over 40 was nothing like dating at 20. She was so keenly aware of her inexperience with men that she started every date almost too nervous to speak.

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First-Date Pet Peeves: Selfish Guys

I was wondering how he was able to breathe. He had been talking non-stop for most of the night, covering every topic under the sun: his job, his family life, where he vacations, how big his apartment is, what languages he can speak, and now, as if he's finally running out of things to say, what he was like in high school. Which was 10 years ago.

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5 Ways To Tell That You're On A Date

Calling all single menfolk of the world. Hello. Hi. How are you? Good. Great! Can we talk about DATES for a moment? Lately there have been a lot of you dudes banging on my door, asking me to "hang out." This is a wonderful thing. Only problem is, some of you have dropped the ball on making me aware that it is in fact a date and not a wrap session where two buddies make jokes about farting.

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First Dates For Dummies

Alice is going on her first date with Timmy and she's as nervous as a model airplane enthusiast in an airplane full of enthusiastic models. What should she talk about? Where should they go? What should she do at the end of the date? She checks in with a few lady magazines for some tips and tricks for mastering her first date.