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Stop falling for the lies!

Stop Falling For The 4 Dating 'Rules' That Are Total LIES

Are you totally baffled as to why you only seem to attract men who are far from ideal for you? Are you tired of ending up with men who aren't ready for the same type of relationship you want? Before you give up on the possibility of ever meeting a guy who truly measures up, you may want to take a look at how the following so-called "dating rules" may be adversely hurting your chances of finding The One.

What Men Really Think About Your Age
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What Men Really Think About Your Age

How many of you really feel your age? Right now, I want to ask you a question. Do you feel like your age reduces the number of men you can date? I know when I ask men this question, some will say, “Hell man. I’m 62 years old but if I could date any age, I’d be dating 20 year old girls.” Here’s the thing though ladies. Age is a number. Age means absolutely nothing. Your age certainly shouldn’t make you eliminate a potential date, before you even talk to them. I had an email the other day from a lady named Marie.

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Just be natural.

Still Single? Let's Talk About Your Online Dating Fails

When you hit it off with someone you've just met online, it's natural to want to text them and pick up the conversation and flirting where you left off. But when it comes to dating fails, that's the first of many problems. If you've been wondering why you're not having any luck at online dating and don't know what to do to get them to call you back, you're going to have to listen up.

Dating: Lessons For Singles Over 50
It's never too late for you to find your match.
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3 Dating Lessons For Singles Over 50

There are many misconceptions about dating after age 50. Susan Alper, a professional matchmaker, shares lessons she has learned when it comes to dating after 50. Love is still possible and there is someone for everyone.

Love Advice: How You Health Fits In To Finding Love
Give your love and health a chance to last a lifetime.
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The Link Between Health And Love: 5 Tips To Help Both

Many people don't realize that finding health can be your best chance at finding love. You want to spend as many years as possible with that person. This will require you to be as healthy as possible. Below are a few tips to improve your health and also your love life.

Dating: How To Find A Boyfriend By Setting Goals
What do I really want in a life partner? Do I even want a life partner?
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Searching For Mr. Right? Consider Setting Goals First

The same way you know what you want when it comes to your perfect career, you've got to know what you want in a lover. Make your list of what, why, and how, and watch the love that's best for you become much more clearer. Manny Cosme explains.