Take a look back at some of our favorite films.
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10 Oscar-Winning Romantic Films We Love

With the Academy Awards drawing ever closer, we took a few minutes to round up our favorite Oscar-winning romances. Whether dramatic, comedic or just plain neurotic (we're looking at you, Annie Hall), these are the films that give make us want to turn to that someone special and say, "I love you."

Love: 12 Romantic Films Every Man Should Watch
It's movie time!
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12 Romantic Films Every Man Should Watch

Hey fellas! Want some insights into the female mind when it comes to love? Well, get on Netflix, go to the library, find one of the few remaining Blockbusters, whatever you have to do to get your hands on these movies. Each one has been carefully selected because it has some special message or moral about love that everyone should know (and that girls think about a lot).

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Sexy, scandalous romances of the silent-film era.
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'The Artist' & 11 More Juicy Silent-Film Romances

Secret lesbian love triangles, Hollywood "royal" weddings, and scandalous costar affairs, make the love lives of these past celebrities seem boundlessly more entertaining than today's. Dive into the juicy real romances of the silent film era.

Hottest Fall Movies (Trailers, too!)
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Hottest Fall Movies (Trailers, too!)

With the end of summer comes a new batch of films. Entertainment reporter Sara Edwards tells us her picks to look for at theatres. 9/2: The Debt The espionage thriller boasts a stellar cast. The story centers around retired Mossad secret agents Rachel and Stephan played by Helen Mirren and Tom Wilkenson. They discover they need to settle unfinished business started 30 years earlier while on a secret mission for Israel.