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Movie Night: 'Days' An Amusing Non-Love Story

(500) Days of Summer is an enjoyable character-driven movie about love and fate. While it plays out nicely, we longed for more resonance. (500) Days of Summer opens with a narrator clearly stating that it is a story about a boy meeting a girl. And that it's not a love story. The first is true; the second is kind of true.

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Love Ruined My Porn Habit: A Woman's Story

We hear about relationships torn apart by internet porn addiction, but where are the support groups for smut-lovers like me, who suddenly and inexplicably get turned off by porn when they fall in love? Before I met my boyfriend, I was visiting about a half an hour a day, hunting through dozens of clips to find the one most perfectly calibrated to turn me on. After I met my boyfriend, my visits to the site dropped off in equal proportion to how much I was getting off with a flesh-and-blood human being.

Jennifer Aniston mocks her dating life at awards ceremony
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Jennifer Aniston Mocks Her Love Life

Jen used being honored at the Women in Film Awards ceremony on Friday night as a chance to reflect on the impact her career choices may be having on her love life. She drew parallels from how films she's starred in such as The Good Girl, Rumor Has It, Derailed and The Break-Up have reflected her real life relationships.

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YourTango Stops By The Early Show

What do guys have against date movies? Would all men rather watch people fight than fall in love on the big screen? Turns out, not all men hate date movies. In fact, 40 percent of our users told us their men actually enjoy them.

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The Truth About Date Movies

Ah, date movies. Your chance to escape into a world where men are gallant, or at least endearingly flawed; where lovelorn boyfriends throw rocks at windows; where a poor guy can marry a rich woman; and couples kiss in a field of green grass without noticing the rain on their faces.

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Poll: Why Do You Like Date Movies?

Poll: Why Do You Like Date Movies? : I see the best parts of relationships in these movies. I'm a sucker for a passionate kiss and an against-all-odds romance. It's a chance to escape from my real life. I want my boyfriend or husband to take a hint about being more romantic! Feel-good entertainment and laughter are good for the soul. Meh. I don't really like date movies.

Poll: How Often Do You See Date Movies?

Poll: How Often Do You See Date Movies?

Poll: How Often Do You See Date Movies? : Always. He's not particular and usually lets me choose. Always. We only see movies we can both agree on. About half the time. We trade off—I get one romantic movie for every one of his horror horror/sci-fi/explosion movies. Never. I beg and plead, but I can't get him to go see a date movie. Never. Neither of us likes romantic films.

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Your Virginity Is Worth $20,000 And A Film Role

Guess what. Contrary to everything the church, the Bush administraton and Jessica Simpson have told you, your virginity is not priceless. No, dear hearts. There is a price that can be put on it and that price is $20,000. Plus a film role. Plus 90% of the highest bid when your virginity is auctioned off to the masses. Or so says an Australian filmmaker.

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Why Guys Hate Date Movies

Guys never love date movies. Oh, we go all right—but we're there because we want to see YOU. We always find something to watch and/or laugh at, but don't kid yourself: we definitely feel like we're taking one for the team. Jen Aniston in a towel is nice, but doesn't erase the sneaking suspicion that we've been tricked into watching a chick flick in disguise. Here's why.