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Is Eat Pray Love "Divorce Porn"?

The happy divorce film is here to (maybe) stay. As you likely know, Julia Roberts has brought smash hit Eat, Pray, Love to the big screen. But is it just another in a long line of films lionizing the divorcee and glossing over the dirty parts of splitting?

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Dating Advice From... Despicable Me?

When we first saw the theatrical trailer for producer Chris Meledandri's newest film Despicable Me, we'll admit, we rolled our eyes as these odd overall-wearing, yellow pellets stuttered over the film's title, then emitted sounds reminiscent of a clown doll and Spongebob Squarepants. Still, our curiosity got the best of us, and that was a good thing, indeed. And we never would've guessed that we might learn something while watching the film either. As we watched the adorable Agnes, voiced by Elsie Fisher, warm Gru's evil heart and get her way with him, it occurred to us that at times, it pays to be childlike, especially in a relationship. (Note, we didn't say childish.) Read on to see what we mean.

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Is Sex And The City 2 Right About Marriage?

If there's one thing we learned from the Sex and the City 2 movie, it's that we're in the wrong income bracket. If there's a second thing we learned, it's that we're not trying hard enough. (Seriously; do we need to start wearing stilettos around our condo in order to keep the fires burning? Some of us have just been wearing bunny slippers.) If there's a third lesson to be had, it's that when it comes to marriage, you can make your own rules.

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The Summer Date Movies We Can't Wait To See

Now that summer's coming, we can say goodbye to coats, colds, hay fever, and best of all, spring's notoriously bad movies. Iron Man 2 came out a couple of weeks ago, marking the beginning of summer's crop of blockbusters. As much as we all love our outdoor summer dates, we've got to admit that it's nice snuggling up inside a darkened, air-conditioned theater when the humidity gets too hot to handle. Here are our summer movie picks for 2010

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Is Robin Hood A Date Movie?

After Tarzan and Rome & Juliet, Robin Hood is likely the most-remade movies in the history of cinema. Every decade or so, a director or television show-runner gets his shot at telling the story and only need to include the following: an archer, a tax-crazed monarch, some merry men, a lil slice of heaven called Nottingham and a little romance with an earnest noblewoman. Everything else is up to the auteur's vision.This time around Ridley Scott has Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett to play with, but is the new Robin Hood actually a date movie?

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10 Things Star Wars Taught Us About Love

Here at YourTango, there are certain holidays we like to celebrate the heck out of: Valentine's Day; Mother's Day; World Nutella Day. Today is Star Wars Day, and we're super excited to have a legitimate outlet for our general geekery. And because we also tend to have love on the brain, we decided to look at one of our favorite movie franchises through heart-shaped lenses, and share with you what Star Wars taught us about love.

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9 Unromantic Movies For Valentine's Day

In this season of love, even the most hopeful romantic can need a break from the constant barrage of grand gestures and overly sweet rom-coms. For those readers out there who want a respite from Valentine's Day, we have nine decidedly unromantic films for you to watch.

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How To Make Your Date Stop Talking During A Movie

It's a problem as old as dating clichés themselves: As long as there has been dinner and a movie, there have been oafish bores who insist on yammering through the whole film. Science can't explain it. Don't even try to understand it. Just know what you can do to deal with it, especially if you otherwise like this dude. Even if your date isn't being polite, how can you handle the situation in a classy and considerate manner? Because let's face it:You're a classy and considerate lady, and his boorish behavior is going to reflect on you, too.

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What 'Love Story' Taught Us About Love

In light of the recent death of Erich Segal, the former Yale classics professor who wrote both the novel and screenplay of "Love Story," we compiled the love lessons we took from the 1970 film. "Love means never having to say you're sorry" and more.

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Why We Love Channing Tatum And Amanda Seyfried

As YourTango partners up with Dear John to bring you even more content about love, we thought it worth showering the film's two stars—Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried as, respectively, an enlisted soldier and a college student in love—with some much-deserved adulation. We've admired Amanda since her turn as Karen in 2004's Mean Girls. She's since shone on the small screen as the oldest child of the polygamous Henrickson family in HBO's Big Love, and she fought (and kissed) a zombified Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body. In addition to her acting resume, Seyfried's always struck us as one of Hollywood's more intelligent and grounded starlets.

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10 Reasons We Love Nicholas Sparks

OK. We know. Nicholas Sparks can be corny. Our moms like him and, no, he's no Dostoevsky. But hear us out. With four of his books already adapted into film, and two more slated for 2010—including the forthcoming Dear John—perhaps its worth considering that Sparks knows something about love that we don't. In ascending order, here are the top 10 reasons we can't get enough of Nicholas Sparks.

Leap Year: Worth Seeing?
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Leap Year: Worth Seeing?

If you're a fan of romantic comedies, then Leap Year—the story of a woman's journey to Ireland so she can propose to her boyfriend—may (may) leave you sap-filled and misty-eyed.

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YourTango Talks With Matthew Goode

English actor Matthew Goode has skimmed the surface of that coveted Household Name status since he played Mandy Moore's strapping British love interest in 2004's "Chasing Liberty." He's since racked up some steady work—"Match Point," "Watchmen"—and most recently co-starred in Tom Ford's directorial debut, "A Single Man." Next up is the romantic comedy "Leap Year," which centers around an American woman, Anna (Amy Adams), set to propose to her boyfriend in Ireland. We chatted with Goode about how he prefers East Coast ladies and the one white lie he tells his wife.