Where do you two fall?
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Quiz: What Classic Movie Couple Are You?

We've all grown up yearning for the type of love we see on screen, comparing ourselves to the classic stories and couples that shaped our fantastical and romantic natures. Which on-screen favorites are most like you and your significant other? Take our quiz to find out!

10 Things You Should Know About Spike Lee
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10 Things You Should Know About Spike Lee

Spike Lee announced on July 22, that he would be using Kickstarter, to raise $1.25 million for his next movie project. Lee has not announced the title as of yet and refers to it as the "Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint." The new feature is about "human beings who are addicted to blood." Lee wrote this on his Kickstater page, "It's not Blacula."  And also adds, "There's a lot of sex in it too."

president barack and first lady michelle obama
If the President and First-Lady can find work-life balance, can't we all?
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4 Famous Couples Whose Work-Life Balance We Admire

Finding a balance between life at the office and life at home is one of the great challenges of adulthood. This September, the delicacy of that work-life balance comes to the big screen in "The Words." It's a theme we see often in Hollywood relationships, but there are some Hollywood couples who seem to find that perfect balance...

Ryan Gosling And Christina Hendricks
Are these two the sexiest Hollywood duo ever?
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Sexiest Duo Ever? Ryan Gosling & Christina Hendricks Team Up

Sexy stud and all-around heroic dude Ryan Gosling is gearing up to direct his first film, How To Catch A Monster. The project — which the heartthrob actor also wrote — will mark Gosling's first time working on the other side of the camera. Which is too bad, considering the lead role was recently filled by none other than the smokin' (and incredibly talented) Christina Hendricks!

the pill film one night stand dilemma
This is the look of a man who may have gotten his one-night stand pregnant.

One-Night Stand Etiquette: Who Should Cover Birth Control?

The indie rom-com The Pill is about the day after a one-night stand that the man fears will result in a pregnancy; hilarity and the pursuit of emergency contraception ensue. We asked two writers—one male, one female—to sound in on one-night stand etiquette, answering such questions as: When to bring up contraception? How to talk about the potential of it failing? And, whose responsibility it is to deal with the consequences of contraception gone wrong?

5 Relationship Tips From The Oscar Nominees
We can all learn some valuable lessons on life and love thanks to this year's Oscars!
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5 Relationship Tips From The Oscar Nominees

Even though they all didn't win the Oscar awards this weekend, the nominees have already touched our hearts and minds. While enjoying five of this year's favorites, I found some great relationship advice.

the artist oscars 2012 oscar winners
Sexy, scandalous romances of the silent-film era.
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'The Artist' & 11 More Juicy Silent-Film Romances

Secret lesbian love triangles, Hollywood "royal" weddings, and scandalous costar affairs, make the love lives of these past celebrities seem boundlessly more entertaining than today's. Dive into the juicy real romances of the silent film era.

how to love an american man kristine gasbarre krissy
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Vote Us Into SXSW, Win Signed 'How To Love An American Man'!

The last day to vote is TODAY! And when you vote, you have an exciting opportunity to win a free, signed copy of "How To Love An American Man," by YourTango editor Kristine Gasbarre. You'll be enthralled with the memoir — it traces the year she spent receiving love advice from her lovely, no-nonsense grandma, transforming the way she thinks about love.

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Vote For YourTango's SXSW Panel By Friday!

YourTango is the digital leader in love & relationship news and insights, and we have an exciting opportunity to appear on two panels at SXSW (March 9 - 18, 2012). YOUR votes, comments and sharing can help take us to some SXSW love to YourTango! The last day to vote is this Friday, Sept. 2.