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7 Ways To Set The Mood For Great Sex

We all know that the vibe of a restaurant can tip the scales between a breathtakingly romantic evening and an embarrassingly awkward first date. Similarly, and even more importantly, the atmosphere of your bedroom can make all the difference when it comes to your love life.

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When Family Grows Faster Than Your Bank Account

My wife is addicted to porn—real estate porn. See, we live in less than 500 square feet. With a toddler and a baby, both of whom are growing rapidly, alongside their also-growing piles of stuff. We have a north-facing balcony that gets no sun until late afternoon, if at all. Plus, we live on the first floor, and have to deal with crowds from the Swedish national soccer stadium down the street. So she dreams a bit. Fantasizes. And the big newspaper here in Sweden gives her all the real estate porn she needs.

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How To Make Your Master Bedroom A Sacred Space

A master bedrooms differ from other rooms. It is the intimate heart of a household, the retreat that replenishes body and soul, the temple that honors love. Because they have such an important role in our lives, and because we spend one-third of our lives in bed, your master bedroom should be inviting, calming and wonderful. So how do you go about creating such a sacred space? Read on to find out.

Beautiful bedroom design

Beautiful Master Bedroom Designs

The master bedroom is the intimate heart of your household. When designing the master bedroom do so with awareness; the bedroom you share with your partner is a container for your love. Creating a master bedroom with your significant other is a perfect opportunity to honor each other. The process of designing your bedroom with consciousness will deepen your lives and nurture your bodies, minds and spirits on many dimensions. The following slides show some elements to consider when designing your master bedroom. To learn more, read "How To Make Your Master Bedroom A Sacred Space."