mastectomy, breast cancer
Losing a breast forces you to learn the meaning of emotional vulnerability.

What No One Ever Tells You About Mastectomies & Intimacy

Ever wonder why we’re all so crazy about breasts? Because they're so damned desirable, that's why. This is a reality that every women who's undergone a mastectomy deals with each day. The idea of reconstruction is like a big security blanket that makes us feel that whatever it is we're about to go through, we'll be fine and dandy in no time. But, as a woman who's lost a breast to cancer and had reconstruction, I can tell you first hand: the reality is more complicated than that.

engagement, married
Welcome to the marriage club.

Face It: No One Will Treat You Like An Adult Until You're Married

Like most women who are single well into their 20s, I felt pressured by girlfriends who insisted, "Everyone wants to get married" and, "You’re just saying you don’t care because you haven’t been proposed to yet." Then it happened: Andy and I became engaged. Not only did I get a beautiful ring and a partner for life, but I also got a serious status upgrade. Society sees marriage as the ultimate maturity gauge — for better or for worse.

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preventive mastectomy
Preventive mastectomies have increased by about 50% in recent years.

Was Angelina Jolie's Preventive Double Mastectomy Too Drastic?

To gain insight into Angelina Jolie's brave yet extreme choice to get a preventive mastectomy, we sat down with YourTango Expert Dr. Shoshana Bennett — a clinical psychologist, an author and a breast cancer patient who opened up about the physical, emotional and sexual effects of cancer and mastectomies.

gay, lesbian, heroin
The LGBTQ community's unique struggle.

Is This The Gay Community's Newest Threat?

I have attempted to block out a particular moment from this past winter and have utterly failed. Mere months have passed, yet that moment — along with the few months that preceded it — have aged me enormously, and I’m only in my twenties. It wasn't until my ex girlfriend's problem surfaced that my eyes opened to an epidemic that's been taking down my entire community.

Michaela DePrince and Elaine DePrince
Elaine DePrince with her daughter Michaela, a classical ballerina. Photo: Elaine DePrince

Limitless Love: A Mother Of Eleven Tells Her Extraordinary Tale

At the 2013 Women In The World summit, we stumbled upon Elaine DePrince, whose journey through motherhood has included life-affirming highs (watching one her adopted daughters become a rising ballet star) and heart-wrenching lows (enduring the death of two of her nine adopted children). The size of her heart and the strength of her will are things we should celebrate not only this Mother's Day, but every day. Here's her amazing story.

jumping woman
"It was time to dump my exit strategy and actually invest in the relationship."

How I Ditched My Commitment Issues ... By Snooping

Dealing with breakups had never been my strong suit. The second I started seeing someone one, I’d start fantasizing about how I’d get out. Things shifted by time I hit my late 20s, when, instead of just imagining my exit strategies, I actually started planning and executing on them. Then I was met with a new challenge that arrived in form of a man named Jonathan.

relaxed couple
"Life does not become easier; we become easier with life just as it is."

The Surprising Way I Finally Chilled Out (And Saved My Marriage)

There was a point in my marriage when things got weird. As a full-time freelancer, I often get lonely working from home. it wasn't really fair to rely on my husband as my sole social outlet when he came home from work. We were having fertility problems and real estate issues to boot. We were fighting constantly. Things felt hopeless. Then something changed: I discovered the solution (by accident, to boot.)

Pope Francis
Pope Francis was officially appointed as the new pontiff yesterday.

Should Pope Francis Bring Social Reform To The Catholic Church?

As someone who was raised in the Catholic faith, yet considers himself socially liberal, I understand the moral conundrum faced by millions of people who want the freedom to love who and how they want—yet also want to be true to their religion. But is it reasonable to expect a 2,000-year-old institution to change its belief system just to suit our modern lifestyles?

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open relationship
Would you consider polyamory?

How Sleeping Around Saved My Relationship

On the verge of a breakup, Catherine and her boyfriend decided to give an open relationship a try. Here, she explains the logistics of hooking up with her boyfriend’s blessing (is cuddling allowed?), and how their unusual arrangement has cemented their bond as a couple.

'The Normal Bar' offers the collected wisdom of thousands of people around the globe.

How 100,000 People Helped Save A Marriage

Three years ago, Chrisanna Northrup was a fairly typical wife and working mother of three; she and her husband both worked long hours, cared for their kids and had little time left over for themselves. Eager to learn from the experiences of other couples, she launched The Normal Bar project, surveying nearly 100,000 people to glean the collected wisdom of what makes a happy relationship tick.

Turns out, my breakup was just what I needed.

Why Getting Dumped Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

When I was in high school, one of my favorite teachers told me that nothing worthwhile is easily attained. And I believed it — except when it came to men. Eventually I realized that some guys are special, and I shouldn't be changing them as often as I change my underwear. I would find a nice guy to commit to… but so many guys were nice. I decided I'd find a nice one until I found a nicer one. I'd become a serial monogamist.

February 13th The Third Annual "Break Up with Your Ex" Day
Do yourself a favor, and leave your ex in the past by Valentine's Day.

February 13th The Third Annual "Break Up with Your Ex" Day

NEW YORK, NY (Feb. 1, 2013) -- A new survey* from—the digital leader in love and relationships—reveals that 67 percent of readers—including 46 percent of married users—think about their exes too much. A whopping 80 percent of respondents want to stop thinking about their exes altogether.