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Sex is Good for You! Ten Passion Truths

No matter how much of a relationship rut you might be in, there are ways to turn up the heat. Exploring new sexual planes might be the key to renewing your bond. Read an Exclusive Excerpt From "Secrets & Techniques To Keep Your Relationship Red Hot!"

One Couple Has it All By Taking Turns

Who's time is it to shine? In order to take care all of a family's needs someone's career often has to take a backseat. Matt and Audrey McClelland have a unique way of achieving parity. They take turns.

Bonnie Fuller Gives Advice on Work/Family Balance

Forget having either a family or a career says publishing powerhouse Bonnie Fuller. Have both. Keep in mind that you may have to cut corners here and there. But it's all possible. Just be honest about expectations and don't let all the details drive you crazy.

Happier as Mother & Wife through Sharing a Job

Anyone who's heard the term "mommy wars" knows that being a working mom is a recipe for burnout. When you want to stop juggling a career and motherhood, the best solution might be to do a little bit less. Many employers are now accommodating of a job share. The key to job-sharing is coverage and communication at home and the office. Read more to find out how to find the flexibility you need to have it all and say goodbye to the career vs. family conundrum.

How I (Re)Fell In Love With My Husband

How I (Re)Fell In Love With My Husband

Judith Newman discovers that a New Year's Eve car ride with her husband was the perfect moment to fall in love all over again. "It was New Year's eve and John and I were fighting again as we drive back to New York City. But distressing as the situation was, I was already beginning to see the humor: our kids would be dropouts at age four! John, however, did not. After a half hour of recriminations, we both descended into silence. A great way to begin the new year, I thought bitterly. And, as always happened after these marital tsunamis, I began thinking: What would my life be like if I'd married the other one?"

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Love in the Air: A Stewardess Falls Head Over Heel

Former flight attendant and author Ann Hood recounts the time she met her first adult love on a flight to New York: A guy—the guy—showed me his boarding pass, looked into my eyes ... and I swear it was love at first sight. The real thing: My palms got sweaty, my heart did a triple axel, and I had to fight the urge to jump into his vintage-shirted arms. Instead, I made a mental note of his seat number, 47F, and after takeoff, planted myself at that end of the airplane.

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I Was A Lonely Newlywed...

When you're married to a doctor, particularly a resident who has to be at the hospital all the time, you end up spending a lot of time alone. In this essay newlywed Rebecca Ascher-Walsh describes how she learned to accept her workaholic husband in all his over-achieving glory. "When my internist asked if I knew that marrying a doctor-in-training was a recipe for disaster, I laughed. What did he know of the power of young love? What he might have asked in return was: what did I know of my husband? And what, at 22, did I know of myself? For three years, I glimpsed him as he came in the door and headed to bed; when I prepared dinner to entice him en route, he would fall asleep, fork in hand. I was a married single person with none of the perks of either, and when it became clear— too many tears later—that there would always be a person who needed him more urgently than I did, we separated."

How Crashing My Bike Led to True Love

How Crashing My Bike Led to True Love

Love happens when you least expect it. Just ask Betsey Carter; she never thought she'd fall in love again, but a bicycle accident showed her that she had found the one. "Over Labor Day weekend, he invited me to go on a bike ride with him. We pedaled through the countryside for about two hours. We stopped at a farm stand and bought a bunch of zinnias. We sang old camp songs, and, most of all, we laughed. Back on the main highway, we rode single file. I followed close enough behind him that when his front tire got stuck in a pothole and his bike slammed to the ground, I couldn't slow down enough to avoid crashing right into him." What happens next? Read on to find out.

Love Stories

Love Stories

Training Wheels | By Betsy Carter There is a time in everyone's life when bad luck heaps upon bad luck until you feel like a toxic-waste dump. After a succession of disasters involving a car accident, a house burning down, emergency surgery, and the breakup of my 17-year marriage, I worried that I’d become so toxic it was unsafe for other humans to be around me.

red flags
When you want a relationship to work, do you only see what you want to see?

Marrying Mr. Wrong: Did She Ignore The Red Flags?

First comes love, then comes marriage—as any little girl can tell you. But what if that refrain drowns out the warnings on the way to the altar? Isabel Rose recalls her deliberate march toward marriage and motherhood—and away from her own happiness.

Love Song: Harry Connick Jr. and Jill Goodacre

Love Song: Harry Connick Jr. and Jill Goodacre

A stunning woman falls out of the pages of a lingerie catalog and into your arms. The velvet voice coming from the radio late at night really is crooning in your ear. But in the limelight, relationships tend to spontaneously combust—which is one reason why the 12-year marriage of three-time Grammy Award winner Harry Connick, Jr., and former Victoria’s Secret model Jill Goodacre is—well, dreamy.

he's not my type; the one
"You just never know until you know."

When 'He's Not My Type' Ends Up Being 'The One'

"He wasn't my type. We worked together, and he kept asking me to do things with him, in a collegial sort of way. But when my friends asked if he might be a romantic possibility, I assured them that he wasn’t my type at all. I had always been attracted to powerful older men—the kind who charm the pants off every woman they meet. You can imagine how well this worked out for me." He just wasn't her type; but she married him anyway. Upon their first meeting, Leslie Bennetts was convinced that her husband of 18 years was totally wrong for her. Years later, she marvels at how little she knew back then. Turns out, he was the one.