single finding soulmate
Forge a brave path to your soulmate. Photo: Mark Do, Flickr

What Happily Single People Can Teach Us About Choosing A Soulmate

Single and pursuing a romantic relationship? There are two very different ways to do so—from a position of strength and from a sense of fear. Those who are afraid of being single are running away from single life. But those who come from a position of strength seek romantic relationships as a means to add something valuable to their lives. Here's what they understand about choosing the right partner.

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marriage, husband before kids
A new baby changes the whole relationship dynamic.

Why I Always Put My Husband Before My Child

Because I want to stay happily married and give our three-year-old son the kind of joyful home I didn't have while I was growing up, I put my marriage first. That's right. My husband comes before anyone else in my life, including my beloved child.

hurricane sandy, love
As the spouse of a firefighter, one of my main duties is to keep curiosity at bay.

A Year After Hurricane Sandy, A First Responder's Wife Reflects

Batteries line the kitchen counter next to several flashlights. My husband, Jim, places several matchbooks in my hand in an act of love, instructing me to use them sparingly over the next 24 hours that he'll be gone, then kisses my forehead and makes his way out the front door. A severe storm is on its way, but none of us have any idea what Hurricane Sandy has in store for us.

love, happy marriage
Father (and mother and sister and minister) knows best.

10 Secrets Of Healthy Marriages—From The People I Love Most

Last June, my husband and I celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary. 

Last June, we celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary. 

We're happier together now than we were on our wedding day, but that doesn't mean that life has been perfect...or even easy. We've had plenty of setbacks over the years, from soul-crushing jobs to my miscarriage last August. But we've managed to stick it out, thanks to our commitment—and some important lessons from people who love us. 

plated, breakfast love dinner
Chicken rollatini: an easy meal you can whip up using Plated's subscription service.

Home-Cooked Dinners For Busy Couples? It's Possible With 'Plated'

I always find time to cook because I love doing it—and more importantly, I love the person I cook for. But finding time during a busy work week is, well, you probably know how it is. Enter Plated, a service that that lets you order dinner subscription boxes online. It's perfect for busy couples who want to prepare home-cooked meals with a dash of convenience.

national coming out day
It helps to have an ally.

'Coming Out' Isn't A Moment; It's Way Of Life

Today is National Coming Out Day, and it always finds a way to creep up and pummel me with a fist of emotions. This day reminds me of the journey I've been on for nearly seven years—from the torment of the closet to the proud, open person I see in the mirror now. See, coming out is not a one-shot deal. It begins with a finite moment, of course, but coming out is an infinite expedition in the life of a homosexual.

Boyfriend: My Top 5 Dream Men (That Aren't Actually Human)
Who doesn't love a musician?

My Top 5 Dream Men (That Aren't Actually Human)

I've never had an "ideal boyfriend list." On one particular night of consumption and reflection, however, I came up with a list of men who, if combined, might create the perfect man. They aren't human men, though, and I'm not sure they're all even really male, but they possess traits that rock my world regardless of gender. If given the chance, I'd totally date them, for a while at least. I'd also have to break up with them eventually because dating made up dudes who only exist on TV would make me a legit psycho.

vegan, carnivore, love story
"You can learn a lot about a person by looking at their grocery cart."

Vegan & Carnivore: A Sweet Story Of Love And Compromise

When it comes to eating habits and dating, what ends up on the dinner table can be just as important as what goes down in the bedroom. So, in a world dominated by carnivores, what's a bacon-free bachelor or bachelorette to do? We chatted with New Yorker Kristin Jackson. While she's vegan, her boyfriend Jake is a full-fledged BBQ-lovin', steak-makin', meat-eating man. Kristin keeps a blog, My Fit Decision, where she chronicles her healthy lifestyle, including the his-and-hers meals she creates. Here's what Kristin told us about how these two lovebirds make it work.

What Real Women Really Think About Manscaping
Bare-ly notice or is it un"bare"able -- what do you think about your guy's body hair?

What Real Women Really Think About Manscaping

Manscaping may be having a moment according to one hair removal expert. Plus, real women sound off on whether or not this is a trend they'd like their man to embrace.

food love brain
More dopamine, please.

The Pleasure Is Yours: How Your Brain Interprets Food As Love

We all yearn for deep, enduring love. We burn for exotic, erotic sex. We crave...well, you name it. Why? Not because we are all hot to trot, but because our brains are. That's right. A segment of the brain called the limbic system governs our reward circuitry, or "pleasure centers," which in turn rule our wants and desires, especially when it comes to love and food, the two things the body—and the species—need to survive. But that's just where the story begins.