Boyfriend: My Top 5 Dream Men (That Aren't Actually Human)
Who doesn't love a musician?

My Top 5 Dream Men (That Aren't Actually Human)

I've never had an "ideal boyfriend list." On one particular night of consumption and reflection, however, I came up with a list of men who, if combined, might create the perfect man. They aren't human men, though, and I'm not sure they're all even really male, but they possess traits that rock my world regardless of gender. If given the chance, I'd totally date them, for a while at least. I'd also have to break up with them eventually because dating made up dudes who only exist on TV would make me a legit psycho.

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"You can learn a lot about a person by looking at their grocery cart."

Vegan & Carnivore: A Sweet Story Of Love And Compromise

When it comes to eating habits and dating, what ends up on the dinner table can be just as important as what goes down in the bedroom. So, in a world dominated by carnivores, what's a bacon-free bachelor or bachelorette to do? We chatted with New Yorker Kristin Jackson. While she's vegan, her boyfriend Jake is a full-fledged BBQ-lovin', steak-makin', meat-eating man. Kristin keeps a blog, My Fit Decision, where she chronicles her healthy lifestyle, including the his-and-hers meals she creates. Here's what Kristin told us about how these two lovebirds make it work.

What Real Women Really Think About Manscaping
Bare-ly notice or is it un"bare"able -- what do you think about your guy's body hair?

What Real Women Really Think About Manscaping

Manscaping may be having a moment according to one hair removal expert. Plus, real women sound off on whether or not this is a trend they'd like their man to embrace.

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More dopamine, please.

The Pleasure Is Yours: How Your Brain Interprets Food As Love

We all yearn for deep, enduring love. We burn for exotic, erotic sex. We crave...well, you name it. Why? Not because we are all hot to trot, but because our brains are. That's right. A segment of the brain called the limbic system governs our reward circuitry, or "pleasure centers," which in turn rule our wants and desires, especially when it comes to love and food, the two things the body—and the species—need to survive. But that's just where the story begins.

Win Everything You Need For A Simple, Scrumptious DIY Dinner Date
Love is sweet ... and so is this giveaway.

Win Everything You Need For A Simple, Scrumptious DIY Dinner Date

YourTango is giving away five DIY dinner kits complete with everything you need to make a delicious ethnic meal, chocolate fondue for dessert and hot chocolate as an after-dinner snack. Just answer our question in the comments and you'll automatically be entered to win!

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Don't crowdsource your love life. Trust your gut.

I Found Real Love...Once I Stopped Listening To My Friends

We live in a culture of crowdsourcing. I rarely buy a shirt without sending a pic to my stylish BFF and asking what she thinks. But putting back a piece of clothing because she reminds me that it's not my color is different from tossing aside a perfectly lovely guy, one I might really have something special with, based solely on a friend's commentary. For too long, when I considered whether to date someone, my inner voice said something like: "Well, I'm into him. But how will everyone else feel?"

history of halloween
Scared yet?

History Of Halloween: 7 Creepy Tales of Love And The Supernatural

Love is one of the great themes throughout history—a history that stretches back far beyond our modern age into a time of legend and folklore. So it figures that many folktales seem to revolve around matters of the heart. In true Halloween spirit, let's recount seven bone-chilling folk tales that are scarier than any horror movie in your Netflix queue.

300 Sandwiches To Get Married: We're Missing The Point
That's a lot of sandwiches...

300 Sandwiches To Get Engaged: Why We're All Missing The Point

So now we know that Stephanie Smith — who told the world she's a mere 124 sandwiches away from an engagement ring — is actually embarrassed by the whole incident. She went on the Today Show and basically said, "Geez guys, it was a joke." And I'm saddened by that, because she backed down and surrendered her power. Here's why that sends the wrong message to her detractors — and why her 300 sandwiches ploy wasn't the disgrace to feminism that everyone's making it out to be.

"Getting Rowdy" Book Sweepstakes: OFFICIAL RULES

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It's not just society that takes her for granted; it's the government too.

Why Is It Still Acceptable To Discriminate Against Singles?

Every single person has a favorite example of what I would come to call 'singlism' — the stereotyping, stigmatizing, and discrimination against people who are single. And the phenomenon extends far beyond the small stuff, like being overlooked by your peers. Discrimination against single people has been documented in the workplace, the housing market, and in medical care. It is written right into more than 1,000 federal laws.

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I can't be this stoned right now.

Sex Stories #121: The Booty Call That Almost Scarred Me For Life

I'm sitting in my NYC apartment one day in the middle of the afternoon, smoking a bong by myself because I was that kind of driven and motivated, when Tanya called me up. I could tell she was pretty horny, but I wasn't feeling it. I had a big "me" day planned: had just opened a bag of Fritos, pulled up Archer on Netflix and my couch was calling. "Okay, but if you change your mind, I'm already in my costume," she said. By the time I get to her door, I had just about talked myself out of it. But she already knew I was here, and had buzzed me in. And just as I was waffling at her door, it opened, to reveal...

sex stories
This soup could use a little sausage.

Sex Stories #120: 'The Night We Got Busy In A 50-Gallon Soup Pot'

Joelle and I hated each other, which is always a good way to start a fling. We worked together in the kitchen of our dining hall in college. I don't know how, but it started getting hot. We both had keys to the kitchen, so late-night rendezvous there were no problem as long as we kept the lights off and kept away from the windows. Our dining hall had these ginormous soup pots that let you make soup in 50-gallon batches. We were always joking about how they were big enough to fit a person inside, and now I found myself wondering wondering whether it could fit two.