couples massage
One tip? Heat things up with a warming lubricant.

How To Stimulate All Five Senses Through Couples' Massage

We asked three prominent massage practitioners to spill the beans on what it takes to stage an at-home environment so serene, so sexy, it borders on sensory overload. So grab your significant other and your best massage oils, and read on: You're about to get a crash course in the practice of pleasure.

friends breaking up
Have you ever found yourself reevaluating a friendship?

Friendship Breakups: Exploring A Different Type Of Heartache

For all the advice we hear about breakups of the romantic variety, friendship usually gets the shaft. Rather than inspiring stories, words of wisdom, or stories of the nuanced phenomenon of breaking it off with a friend, we get all-out spectacle. Should women be exploited as drama queens and catfight instigators just because our friendships are a bit more dynamic? I decided to reach out to other women and ask if they'd ever had a friend breakup and what it really felt like.

grieving process
Instead of calling his dealer, he could have picked up the phone and called for help.

Like All Addicts, Philip Seymour Hoffman Did Have A Choice

I have a pattern when it comes to stories about celebrities who overdose. The day the news breaks, I scan the headlines. I react with a mix of sadness and disgust—and familiarity, as I was raised by two addicts. But in cases like Philip Seymour Hoffman's death, I'm not interested in the 'juicy' details. My eyes scan these stories looking for the little people: the kids left behind.

grilled cheese sandwiches
Sink your teeth into one of these!

Dinner For Two: Bite Into 'Sexy' Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Baby, it's still cold outside! As we get snowed in with winter storms, we cooked up some recipe ideas to warm you both up on date night. This week, we're serving up a mouthwatering menu featuring a cherry and chocolate-stuffed grilled cheese sandwich, cherry soup, a French cocktail, and Cabernet Sauvignon brownies.

showering together
Ready for some good, clean fun?

Gettin' Steamy: The Art Of Showering Together

Nothing dials up the romance like a change of scenery, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to leave home. Your next romantic getaway is as close as your bathroom shower. Read on for a look at the good, the bad, and the slippery — and 12 tips for safe and steamy couples' showering.

Love: How Multiple Sclerosis Improved My Marriage
"Dear are the cheapest therapist I've ever been to."

How Multiple Sclerosis Improved My Marriage (Really)

This writer's health battles have had a surprising positive effect on her love life: When it comes to marriage ups and downs, she no longer sweats the small stuff. Instead of getting in an argument, she turned to journaling for stress relief. What couples advice has helped your relationship?

red wine poached filet mignon
Who knew steak could be so sexy?

Dinner For Two: Make It Sizzle With Red Wine Steak

We're serving up a mouthwatering array of dishes that are sure to impress your date — all of which are sneakily flavored with aphrodisiac ingredients. This week's menu features a hearty meal of red wine poached filet mignon, asparagus (catering to vegetarian and carnivorous tastes), bourbon truffles, plus a cozy cocktail recipe perfect for beating the cold!

Thai salmon sliders
Sink your teeth into one of these babies!

Dinner For Two: Spice It Up With Thai Salmon Sliders

We're serving up a mouthwatering array of dishes that are sure to impress your date — all of which are sneakily flavored with aphrodisiac ingredients. This week's menu features a healthy twist: Thai salmon sliders, baked fries, and lemon and ginger bars, plus a skinny cocktail recipe!

law of attraction
It's gonna take a little more effort than that, honey.

'The Secret' To The Law Of Attraction? It's A Bunch Of B.S.

It's been seven years since the publication of the wildly popular self-help book 'The Secret'. The principle at the book's core—the Law of Attraction—still holds many under its Vulcan mind-meld grip. I can see why: Who wouldn't want to believe that all you have to do is think the right thoughts and the love of your dreams will find you? But key premises of the Law of Attraction can do you more harm than good in the search for love and partnership. Here's why.

Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson
In his interview with GQ, Duck Dynasty's Robertson compared homosexuality to bestiality.

'Duck' Dilemma: Phil Robertson's Remarks Point To A Bigger Issue

The Koran, Torah and New Testament all vilify homosexuals. As much I think Phil Robertson is an ignorant buffoon, the man was simply abiding by the tenets of his faith—he even paraphrased from the New Testament. Our culture is now starting to move past centuries-old biases against sexual orientation, but organized religion has not—and cannot—do the same without abandoning scriptural teachings. if our culture is to advance, we may need to more openly question the ancient Middle-Eastern documents on which we still base it.