Blonde woman reading card to accompany gift

Calling All Men! 10 Gifts Your Lady Secretly Wants

OK, so that gift card you got her last year was great because she got to pick out whatever she wanted, but here's a hint: Picking out an actual gift for her will win you more points. Sound daunting? Never fear, YourTango is here! We've got some ideas that'll please even the pickiest lady but won't make your wallet cower in fear.

woman with tattoo on her arm

Are Women With Tattoos Sexier?

Could Sandra Bullock have salvaged her marriage if she got a tattoo? A writer reminisces upon her own experience with tattoos and why women find them liberating, while men just can't stop staring.

hair extensions

What Do Men Think About Hair Weaves?

Hair extensions produced Kate Gosslin's sexy new look, and the jury's still out on the authenticity of First Lady Michelle Obama's stylish bob. At best, "gone today, here tomorrow" styles offer greater flexibility. At worst, the expensive, go-faux trend signals that women are increasingly dissatisfied with their natural looks. Certainly, what's inside a woman's head matters more than what sprouts from—or is synthetically attached to—it. But since first impressions are so important in the dating game, we asked men: "Do you prefer au naturale or faux naturale?"

women super bowl

10 Football-Free Activities For Super Bowl Sunday

If your boyfriend or husband views the Super Bowl like a Twi-hard does Robert Pattinson, then listen up, sweetie—you're going to have some significant competition for his attention that first Sunday of February. But that's OK; nowhere on the calendar does it say one must cover one's self in team colors and cheer at a wall of TV screen come Super Bowl Sunday. Here are some football-free alternatives.

holiday recipes couple

5 Holiday Recipes To Cook Together

Cook together this holiday season! Here are five recipes you can make as a team: hazelnut butter cookies, cherry-orange-walnut rugelach, bourbon-pecan christmas bread pudding, herb-roasted Cornish game hens, cognac-herb gravy.

holiday presents what to get her

17 Holiday Gifts Women Really Want

We asked women from some of the web's top sites to share their holiday wish lists with us, in hopes of every lady getting a great gift this year. Who better to ask than women whose job it is to worm deep into the crannies of the female mind?

man gift ideas

Gifts For Every Type Of Guy

Let's admit that as much as we love our guys and say we'll value any gifts they get us, there's a little disappointment when the pretty package under the tree actually contains a scarf or gift card. Same goes for him, instead of a generic tie, lead buy example and buy a gift that actually suits him. We've done the dirty work for you: here are great finds for every type of guy, and for every budget.

thanksgiving conversation

6 Safe Conversation Topics For Thanksgiving

Picture it: You’re surrounded by strangers. Or some that you’ve only met once. (Or some that you’re told you’ve met, but you have no recollection of. Sorry, Uncle Dave.) Easy talking points to get you through a marathon meal with his family, and how to prep for the event like a pro.

how to feel sexy after losing weight

Diary Of A Former Fat Girl: Sex And The Scale

A formerly overweight newlywed discovers that feeling sexy on her honeymoon is not about being thin. "I was running four miles a day, panting through countless crunches, and bleeding sweat on the Stairmaster at the gym, and for what? Well, like every other woman in America, I wanted to feel sexy. But more than that, I wanted to look sexy for my soon-to-be husband. I was two months from getting married. My hunt for sultry lingerie and swimsuits for our Cancun honeymoon had sent me into hysterics."