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Public slurs can keep gay and lesbian youths in the closet.

Rachel Maddow Is Not An 'Angry Young Man' — And Neither Am I

It seems like a million years ago that I was an introverted, closeted lesbian, forced to spend every day in a suffocating classroom, in a rural farm community. Looking at me now, you would probably never know that I came from a primarily white, protestant, homophobic town in Southeast Michigan. Now, I confidently wear a James Dean-esque haircut and boxer briefs, but, just six years ago, I was struggling to come out in a high school where it was commonplace for prominent gay figures to be slandered.

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Don't let food be a substitute for real love!

When Food Is Love: 7 Expert Ways to Combat Emotional Eating

When you have an argument with your significant other, do you reach for a pint of ice cream or a bag of barbecue chips? If you’re feeling lonely, do you find comfort in a bowl of mac and cheese or a slice of pizza? If so, you may be suffering from emotional eating disorder. Here's how to combat the problem.

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"Food itself is language."

4 Incredible Love Lessons We Can Learn From Cooking

I'm one half of the team behind the food blog, A Mouse Bouche, which I have been co-writing with my sister Megan ("The Mouse") since 2007. We are not food professionals, we are working artists who love to eat, love to cook, and love to talk about eating and cooking. Although we write about food and share recipes, we think of it more as a blog about life... through the important lens of snacking.

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Weddings are a great time, so long as you don't over do it.

7 Wedding Season Health Hazards To Avoid

In the now-classic wedding flick The Wedding Crashers, Vince Vaughn says to Owen Wilson "What do you like better, Christmas or Wedding Season?" It's a tough call. Who doesn't love months of catching up with old friends over cocktails, dancing and declarations of love? But being a wedding guest isn't all bouquets and butterflies. Here are seven health hazards to be aware of, especially if your wedding season calendar is packed tighter than Vaughn and Wilson's.

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A happy relationship starts with a happy you.

16 Ways Feeling Irresistible Benefits Your Relationship

Here at YourTango, we are all about the adage that it's as important to be the right person in your relationship as it is to find the right person. Anyone who's carried on a relationship knows that it takes finesse to maintain a happy "we" without sacrificing a happy "me," and vice versa. With this idea in mind, we have created Irresistible You, a 12-day initiative focused on helping you feel irresistible so your love life will, in turn, feel amazing, too.

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It's hard to be down on love when you are feeling irresistible, right?

Survey: What Makes You Feel Irresistible?

Tell us, YourTango readers: What is it that makes you feel truly irresistible? How does your partner or spouse influence the way you feel about yourself? And how deep is the tie between feeling great about YOU and, in turn, feeling great about your coupled life?

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"'I hate my stomach,' I said every time my girlfriends and I talked body grievances."

Why I Love My Body (Even Without Six-Pack Abs)

The other day I tried on a bathing suit. I could see the benefits of hitting the gym, though I was once again disheartened by the extra skin on my stomach. I pinched an inch and frowned...

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From reproductive rights to income and education, what's new in women's rights?

How Are Women Faring In 2012? A Women's Rights Report Card

March is National Women's History month—anointed so in order to empower today's women by teaching them about women's progress in the past. Women's progress is a dynamic thing, and is often marked by two steps forward, one step back. From education to reproductive rights, check out our Women's Rights report card below to see how the fairer sex is faring today.

Mitt Romney and wife Ann Romney on the campaign trail
Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and his wife Ann on the campaign trail.

Mormon Marriage: From Mitt Romney To Polygamy, What's The Norm?

Misinformation and confusion about the Mormon faith are not in short demand. This is due, in part, to Mitt Romney's campaign for the presidency, in which his faith has surfaced as an issue and raised Mormonism's profile in the media. Meanwhile, TV shows like Big Love and Sister Wives portray Mormons as polygamists, though the LDS church outlawed plural marriages in 1890. Almost all of the stereotypes floating around in regard to Mormonism serve to portray its church members as Other. So what does Mormon marriage really look like?

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Why We Should Stop Telling Women To 'Have It All'

Journalists love glorifying the new powerful woman. But you still won't see one of us delivering a State of the Union address, Catholic church homily, or late night monologue on a major network. And instead of the NFL, we have the LFL (that's the Lingerie Football League).

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Why Wearing Hello Kitty Socks Will Help My Son Meet Girls

Gender is a funny concept. In our society, we are typically taught as we're growing up that boys act one way and girls another. Boys like trucks and wear blue and all little girls want to be mommies one day. A lot of us don't bother to question it; we just go along with what we're told. But what about the people who decide to raise their children with no preconceived gender whatsoever? Maybe we don't all want to go along with the boys wearing blue and girls are all mommies ideas, but how do we react when someone abandons all gender roles altogether?

30 Days of Free Designer Underwear

Win 30 Days Worth of Free Designer Underwear

Your Tango and Giveaway Ladies…because what’s underneath is just as important as the perfect date night outfit…because wearing underwear that feels and looks great has a positive effect on your mood… wants to provide one lucky reader with 30 days of free panties. That’s right – 30 days worth of free underwear! Get ready for your Underwear Makeover!!

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How My Husband Taught Me To Take A Parenting Chill Pill

When I could barely conceive the meaning of motherhood, Frank slipped seamlessly into fatherhood, showing me what was possible. I'm talking about being a father from the first moment, without faking anything. While I needed months to figure out the motherhood thing, Frank got it—instantly. At 12:59 one snowy night, he was an expectant father, and when his son was born at 1:01, Frank stepped unhesitatingly into fatherhood. Seventeen years later, Frank is still fathering by instinct, still pretty terrific. He's just plain good at his job, maybe because he doesn't really think of it as a job.