Be Good to Your Heart with…Chocolate

Be Good to Your Heart with… Chocolate

Addicted to chocolate? You're in luck! Everyone' favorite guilty pleasure is actually healthy, according to the American Heart Association. It can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, but make sure you stick to dark or bittersweet for high flavanols and low sugar. Here are some great recipes you can try with this newly listed health food in the ingredients.

New Trends in "Love Science"

From the psychology of snap judgments to the hormones behind trust; this year’s discoveries took researchers deeper and deeper into the facts behind our feelings. Tango presents a roundup of the choicest nuggets uncovered this year—and a peek at the territory ahead.

Sharing a Bathroom? Cohabitation Tips

Sharing a Bathroom? Cohabitation Tips

How do you preserve the mystery when you share a medicine cabinet? What can you share and what's best kept private? Here is some advice on how to navigate your personal hygiene routines and the intimate shared space of the bathroom.