I Love My Daughter More Than My Husband—And He Knows It

I Love My Daughter More Than My Husband—And He Knows It

Studies say that the quality of a marriage drops when a couple has kids, and rises when the children leave the nest. But, says one woman, if would-be-parents plan in advance, they might be able to avoid ruining your marriage. In fact, mom and dad might both end up loving the baby more than they love each other—and that's OK.

new year's eve
Why do we kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve?

Why We Kiss At Midnight On New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is the last hurrah of the year, the culminating event in a holiday binge of eating, drinking, and celebrating. It’s a time to don glitzy outfits, reflect on the past, and ponder future resolutions. And then there’s the kiss at the stroke of midnight. Whether you ring in the new year by watching the Times Square ball drop on TV or toasting champagne at an upscale nightclub, tradition makes a case for celebrating the new year with people you enjoy. According to English and German folklore, the first person you encounter in a new year — and the nature of your encounter — sets the tone for the rest of the year. A kiss is about strengthening ties you wish to maintain in the future. If a couple celebrating together doesn’t take the time to lock lips, it doesn’t bode well for the relationship.

lose weight
lose weight

'I Lost 90 Pounds, But It Didn't Make Me Happy'

When I was 18 years old, I thought that losing weight would make my life perfect. Like so many teenage girls obsessed with fitting into Hollister and cutting carbs before prom, the size of my thighs consumed me. All of the time. I spent my high school years wanting to be the one thing that seemed impossible for a pudgy Italian with an A+ on the emotional eating scorecard: skinny.

girls on their phones

How To Tell If Your Social Media Addiction Has Gone Too Far

Social media addiction is a real thing. It affects, probably, thousands of people. And it may be wrecking relationships and the ability to connect with people IRL. After watching this video, if this story sounds a little too familiar, your love of social media may border on being obsessive.

aja spice cocktail
Toast to each other with this bomb of a cocktail — putting your go-to margarita to shame.

Dinner For Two: 4 Sultry Recipes To Spice Up Your Cinco De Mayo

Ready to party? We're serving up a mouthwatering array of dishes that are sure to impress your date — all of which are sneakily flavored with aphrodisiac ingredients. This week's menu features a fiesta of a feast for Cinco de Mayo: a zesty cactus salad, tacos, tequila cupcakes, plus a hot cocktail recipe that puts the go-to margarita to shame!

What Real Women Really Think About Manscaping
Bare-ly notice or is it un"bare"able -- what do you think about your guy's body hair?

What Real Women Really Think About Manscaping

Manscaping may be having a moment according to one hair removal expert. Plus, real women sound off on whether or not this is a trend they'd like their man to embrace.

singlism, single discrimination
It's not just society that takes her for granted; it's the government too.

Why Is It Still Acceptable To Discriminate Against Singles?

Every single person has a favorite example of what I would come to call 'singlism' — the stereotyping, stigmatizing, and discrimination against people who are single. And the phenomenon extends far beyond the small stuff, like being overlooked by your peers. Discrimination against single people has been documented in the workplace, the housing market, and in medical care. It is written right into more than 1,000 federal laws.

Is Your Hair Removal Process Sanitary?
What your salon isn't telling you...

Is Your Hair Removal Process Sanitary?

Changing applicators isn't the only way to prevent infection during a waxing. Read this interview with our hair removal expert to make sure your salon is as sanitary as possible.