signs you are not over your ex

10 Signs You're Not Over Your Ex

It can be difficult to tell if you're over an ex. After sharing a significant chunk of your life with someone, it makes sense that they'd remain perpetually in your thoughts, at least in some capacity. So how do you know if you've really put your past to rest, or if you're still mired in your last relationship? Here, ten signs that you're not over him.

meditation true love

How Meditation Led Me To True Love

The way Francesco broke up with me was as simple as it was shocking. It was a Saturday afternoon in July and we'd just seen a movie at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Riding the subway back downtown, we sat side by side, him in an inexplicable and smoldering silence. Then he got up and walked out of the train. I never saw him again.Francesco's behavior made no sense, and, a month later, I was still struggling to accept it. On a friend’s suggestion, I went to a yoga center to check out a Tantric meditation class. As I discovered, this yogic approach was different.

heartbreak-related depression

Heartbreak-Related Depression: Does It Exist?

In December 2009, Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley's 24-year-old daughter Alexa Ray Joel was rushed to the hospital after swallowing a handful of homeopathic pain pills. But just as curious as Joel's behavior was the explanation she gave for it: a bad case of "Heartbreak-Related Depression." "Heartbreak-Related Depression" does not currently exist as a clinically diagnosable form of depression. So what was Joel suffering from? Heartbreak, depression or a hybrid of the two?

sex after menopause

The Real Truth About Sex And Menopause

"The idea that a contemporary women's sex drive disappears in middle or advanced age is as obsolete as the notion that women go batty in menopause. But many of us are ignorant about what changes to expect in our sexual responses during this passage, and the unforeseen consequences can drive us a little crazy!" Gail Sheehy explores what happens to intimacy as you age.

bad breakup

Bad Breakup? 10 Things To Remember

You've finally found him. The perfect man. The problem is he doesn't want to be with you. And now you're never going to find love again. Right? Wrong. Here are 10 things you need to remember to get over a breakup.

In Defense Of Ex Sex

In Defense Of Ex Sex

It is a truth universally acknowledged that "sex with an ex" falls somewhere between "crush on a co-worker" and "affair with a married man" on the great Don't Go There continuum. You're playing with fire, psychologists admonish would-be repeat offenders in their advice columns and call-in shows. It will only bring back a flood of emotions. Find someone new and keep that door shut, girlfriend. With all due respect, I think the advice columnists are wrong: breakup sex is way underrated.

serial monogamy

The Secrets Behind Serial Monogamy

Despite the fact that humans are not naturally monogamous, there's something within us that seeks the companionship and stability one-on-one commitments offer. In a way, serial monogamy is a happy medium for many. Serial lovers get to express and explore these different components of their personalities with each relationship they try out.

blow jobs are overrated

Blow Jobs Are Overrated

Blow jobs are overrated. There. I said it. I know men who would fight a grizzly bear with a spork for a little mouth love. I also know women who guard their oral sexing technique the way a pharmaceutical company protects its most precious patents. But I'm just not a dude who loves blow jobs. I'm an active guy, when it comes to being intimate with a woman, and laying back and letting her go down on me has always felt passive to me. Disconnected. As if I could lean back and read The Economist or slurp a bowl of soup while being, uhhh, serviced.

I Was In My Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding

I Was In My Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding

Whether you're a bride, part of the wedding party, or merely a guest who's excited to dress up and get wasted on someone else's tab, the wedding experience is something we're all familiar with. But when I was a bridesmaid in my ex-girlfriend's wedding, I didn't really know what to expect. On a hot summer day, not too long ago, I packed my red chiffon bridesmaid dress and boarded a plane heading north. Landing in Portland, I was greeted by my ex, Anna, the bride, and her nervous-looking, soon-to-be husband, Dean. Dean and I had only met once before when the two of them were on their way to Costa Rica and had a twelve-hour layover in L.A. They crashed at my place, where Dean kept a tight grip around Anna's waist and eyed me suspiciously all night.

dating STD

Would You Date Someone With An Incurable STD?

A reader sent me an email and asked me if I would ever date someone with an incurable STD. She had recently been diagnosed with the HSV virus (that’s herpes, y'all), and wanted my answer to be honest and not "PC." So here it is goes, my unvarnished, gut reaction to the question: No, I would not date someone with an incurable STD. Like all things having to do with love and sex and relationships, so much depends on the timing. If we're talking about a first date, I imagine the scenario would go something like this:

family picnic

How To Say "Kids, We're Getting Back Together"

Many couples decide to get back together after a long or short period following separation or divorce. While reuniting is exciting, it is also stressful. Many thoughts enter the couple's mind: Will it last this time? Will it turn sour again when we are living together? Does my partner think about the other lovers? Will he/she abandon me again? How will our extended family and friends react? Sorting through this emotional turmoil is hard enough; but when children are involved, it's a whole different ballgame. The primary concern for these couples is: How will this affect our children? Read on for tips.

Choosing Battlestar Galactica Over A Boyfriend

Choosing Battlestar Galactica Over A Boyfriend

In years following my last serious relationship and tortured breakup, I became an online dating veteran. For two years, I went on countless first dates, a handful leading to a second, none leading to romance. I shed no tears about these strike-outs, having already found plenty of substitutes for love. The painful end to the long-term relationship led me first to the glory of take-out and then to television, culminating in renting DVDs of the Sci Fi show Battlestar Galactica. For me, there was no higher paradise than sitting on my floor, eating Ethiopian take-out, and watching my characters go through their torrid emotional ups and downs (while I, coincidentally, experienced none). Little did I know then that watching Battlestar Galactica would, in part, spell the end of my online dating career.

Man feeding woman grapes

10 Oral Sex Tips From A Man

Fellatio field guide author offers simple tricks for maximum pleasure. Oral sex: brilliant, isn't it? It’s ridiculously intimate, severely sensual, and you don't necessarily have to take all your clothes off to do it. Whether it's part of foreplay or an act in itself, being a skilled fellatrix ramps up your bedroom (or back seat of car) technique considerably. The best oral sex exponents use their mouths, their tongues, their fingers, their eyes, their voice and—most importantly—their brain (but not their teeth, unless it's been asked for). Here are the basic ground rules from a male point of view…

cowboy love

My Father Helped Me Rope My Cowboy

After dating and getting dumped, something was different with this guy, and I think Daddy knew. When Corley the cowboy called, my father answered and made a joke. When they met in person, Corley was quick-witted and Daddy was able to speak with him easily. I hadn't realized it, but this connection between my father and my man was what I had been looking for.