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Though engaged, the writer's didn't feel truly "over" her ex until he unfriended her.

Our Breakup Wasn't Complete Until He Unfriended Me On Facebook

After six tumultuous years of being lovers, worst enemies, exes (three times over), and pseudo-friends who would only catch up occasionally via Facebook, my ex Jack finally cut the cord on our online relationship: he de-friended me on Facebook.

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Survey: How Do You Get Over A Breakup?

Here at YourTango, we want to know about your breakup style—good, bad and empowering—so we can better help readers get over their breakups and move on to meeting someone new (and improved!). Take our survey and tell us about your breakup history.

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The 5 Stages Of Break-Up Grief

Breakups can leave the lovelorn rattled for weeks, months and sometimes even years. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Grieving a relationship is not unlike grieving a death. It's healing process. But one day, you will move on.

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How Amy Winehouse Healed My Broken Heart

That big bouffant, those bold tattoos, the strapless 60's sheaths and deep, soulful voice. Amy Winehouse, despite her tortured soul, let the world know through her music that it was okay to be yourself. Even if you were vulnerable, desperately wanting of love and a little bit of a mess.

A woman gets rid of relationship baggage.

The YourTango Love Life Makeover Series With Dr. Diana [VIDEOS]

What single woman hasn't dreamt of a dating fairy swooping in to help her let go of baggage and find the happy, healthy relationship she craves? For Nadette, a 45-year-old casting director who recently ended a year-long engagement, that dream became reality. Nadette entered and won YourTango's Love Life Makeover contest, earning the privilege of taking on a 31-day love life makeover with Dr. Diana Kirschner, bestselling author and renowned relationship expert. This six-part video series documents Nadette's extraordinary journey with Dr. Diana.

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The 5 Commandments Of Breaking Up With Your Ex [VIDEO]

Years ago, in the pre-internet age, getting over an ex was pretty straightforward. Nowadays, breaking up is a lot more complicated—Facebook and Twitter provide you with up-to-the-minute details about your ex's new life; your cellphone is full of picture of you two together; your iTunes playlist still houses the "For My Greatest Love" playlist. With this in mind, YourTango has declared February 13 as National Break Up With Your Ex Day—and this video tells you what you need to do.

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8 Reasons To Finally Let Go Of Your Ex

Sure, it's time-consuming and awkward to unfriend your ex on Facebook, remove him from your chat list, or to tell him to stop contacting you. But if those things are keeping you from recovering, what's a half-hour of deleting and a couple weeks of awkwardness compared to months of perpetuated angst? Is electronically blocking someone so much worse than finding out via his Facebook newsfeed that he has a new girlfriend? To find out why cutting digital ties is necessary to heal and move on, we turned to the YourTango Experts. Here, then, are eight reasons you need to break up with your ex.

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20 Shocking Breakup Statistics

Over 1,000 of you took our breakup poll, and the results astounded us. People are much more attached to their exes than we though, and ex-obsession affects every LoveStage, not just singles and those who have recently broken up. Here are the results of the survey. If any of this sounds familiar, visit and learn how to digitally detach from your ex.

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A Gal's Guide To Breaking Up

YourTango tries to always be there for you when it comes to love. We help you set up your online dating profile. We show you how to work a room. We give you tips on how to rock a first date, and then we weigh in when it comes time for your 51st date. Is he the one? We try to help you figure that out and, when you finally say "I do," we give advice on how to make it last. Because dude. Love is hard. But what happens when things don't work out? What happens when love is lost? Well, YourTango has your back then, too. In fact, we're so well-versed in the loss of love that we thought it might be helpful to create a breakup cheat sheet. For your edification, 10 resources for breaking up and moving on.

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Announcing The First Annual Break Up With Your Ex Day

Back in the day, breakups were easier: you took an ex's picture off the mantel, packed his stuff in a box, burned his letters, and tried to move on. Today, however, Facebook updates, Tweets, and Foursquare check-ins provide a constant stream of information about people, making a clean break almost impossible. Recognizing the value of being liberated from an old flame, we've declared February 13 as the first annual "Break Up With Your Ex" day.

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Is January Really "Divorce Month"?

January is the coldest month of the year, and, apparently, the Arctic vibe extends beyond the temperature. The first month of the New Year is reportedly the most popular time of year to file for divorce. Rumor has it that January is ominously nicknamed "Divorce Month" in legal circles. It makes sense. The holidays are hectic, and relationship issues can come into sharper focus when stressed-out couples spend more time together. But is January's bad rap really deserved?

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How To Forgive A Cheating Husband: Lessons From Elizabeth Edwards

It's been said that during her final days, Elizabeth Edwards was too busy living to think much about dying. Instead of planning her funeral or fielding the media, she chose to bask peacefully and quietly in the love of her closest friends and family—including estranged husband John Edwards—determined to maintain what CBS News called "a very warm and nurturing home" for her children. If her last days were spent with Mr. Edwards at her side, the disgraced former-Senator and presidential candidate who had lied to everyone—including his own wife—about his notorious extramarital affair, it begs the question of how, in her final days, did Elizabeth Edwards manage to concentrate on living with gratitude instead of dying with bitterness? Rather than spend her end shunning her husband, she gracefully forgave him, died at peace and in doing so, taught the rest of us some exemplary life-lessons in forgiveness and getting back in touch with what matters most. Though Elizabeth Edward's clarity of thought and strength to forgive might have come from knowing how close she was to death, all of us can learn from her example—after all, you never know what challenges may lie around the corner. Our YourTango Experts took a look at how this amazing woman so resiliently saw through the despair of her cancer, and the personal shortcomings of her estranged husband, all the way to the bright side: