Bad girl's breakup Rx
Bad girl's breakup Rx

The Bad Girl's Guide To Surviving A Breakup

In my heartbroken state I yearned to do all the "wrong" things: exact brutal revenge, wallow in cynicism, and seek out meaningless shags. My concerned posse, on the other hand, suggested yoga, smiling from the inside, recording my feelings in a journal and going on platonic dates with young architects in Agnes B suits. Ignoring their advice, I chose the alternate route. Take this advice with a grain of salt (or a shot of tequila), and make sure this alternative treatment doesn't get out of control. You will know that it has gone too far if you find yourself walking naked and smoking a crack pipe on the street at five o'clock in the morning. But in all seriousness, a bit of bad behavior can help you to purge your anger and become independent, which is the only real way to deal.

friends breaking up
Have you ever found yourself reevaluating a friendship?

Friendship Breakups: Exploring A Different Type Of Heartache

For all the advice we hear about breakups of the romantic variety, friendship usually gets the shaft. Rather than inspiring stories, words of wisdom, or stories of the nuanced phenomenon of breaking it off with a friend, we get all-out spectacle. Should women be exploited as drama queens and catfight instigators just because our friendships are a bit more dynamic? I decided to reach out to other women and ask if they'd ever had a friend breakup and what it really felt like.

boyfriend, breakup, letter, text
It's been real.

The Most Epic F*ck You Breakup Letter Of All Time

Yesterday, a dear friend shared a story with YourTango of her discovery (through a twist of Facebook fate) that her boyfriend of nine months had been having an affair with his most recent ex the whole damn time. Post-confrontation, our friend composed an opus of a text so burningly poetic, we simply had to publish it. Behold the most epic f*ck-you breakup letter ever. (And, yes she sent it.)

Turns out, my breakup was just what I needed.

Why Getting Dumped Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

When I was in high school, one of my favorite teachers told me that nothing worthwhile is easily attained. And I believed it — except when it came to men. Eventually I realized that some guys are special, and I shouldn't be changing them as often as I change my underwear. I would find a nice guy to commit to… but so many guys were nice. I decided I'd find a nice one until I found a nicer one. I'd become a serial monogamist.

how to avoid ex sex
Ex sex can be tempting. What's the best way to avoid it?

Contest: Tell Us The Best Way To Avoid Ex Sex—In 10 Words Or Less

We've teamed up with Astroglide, maker of personal lubricants and other sexy products, to seek out advice on a very real and dreaded part of the post-breakup period: avoiding ex sex! Between now and February 12, tell us the best way to avoid ex sex and you'll be entered to win fabulous Astroglide prizing.

woman Dining Alone
Eating out alone helped me learn to enjoy being single.

Table For One: What My Breakup Taught Me About Dining Alone

It all began when I was in New York City killing time before a business meeting. Having always loved dining out, I was happy to stumble upon an enticing-looking restaurant called the Banc Café. I walked in and requested a table for one — I was freshly out of a relationship, so this seemed like a bold move at the time.

bride with cold feet
Having second thoughts about forever? You're not alone.

Why I Called Off My Wedding

When my first I'm-not-sure-I-want-to-do-this pangs began, my initial thought was not, tellingly, how I would express such hurtful feelings to my fiancé, nor was it even how we might break the news to friends and family. It was: I don't think the caterers would take this well. Maybe I'll just stick things out.

The Breakup Bible
Rachel Sussman's ultimate survival guide for women going through a divorce or breakup.

10 Tips To Help You Get Over A Breakup Or Divorce

About four years ago, psychotherapist Rachel Sussman started witnessing love-life chaos from every direction. Her sister's five-year relationship hit the rocks. Some of her closest friends' marriages ended in divorces. She had an influx of clients in her practice dealing with devastating breakups. And Sussman got a front-row glimpse into how women handle that horrible road through Splitsville—a topic she felt she had to tackle. She felt instantly compelled to write about it.

burn your cell phone instead of calling your ex
Destroying your cell phone every time you want to call your ex could get pricey.

5 Emergency Techniques To Use When You Want To Call Your Ex

It's been days or weeks or even months since you and your ex called it quits. And you're fine. You're convinced everything happens for a reason, and you’'l be better off with someone else someday. You rarely even think of him. Until you do.

Getting fit can help you break up with your ex for good.

The Post-Breakup Workout: 10 Exercises To Get Over An Ex [PHOTOS]

Eighty-five percent of readers in a recent YourTango survey said they struggle with breakups and could use a "breakover"—aka an internal and external makeover aimed at helping them move on. One of the best methods to a successful "breakover" is through exercise—in fact, survey respondents listed exercise as one of the top three methods for getting over a breakup.