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Engaged & Confused: Overcoming My Fear Of Marriage

I love Dean, but in the bright light of wedding planning I found myself picking him apart. I watched commercials and wondered how I could know that we were meant to be together if we were never paired by experts based on the nine dimensions of compatibility. I spun myself up more than a dozen times weighing all the pros and cons (in an Excel spreadsheet, no less) and fretting over the unknowns. Read about how I overcame my fears.

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How Meditation Led Me To True Love

The way Francesco broke up with me was as simple as it was shocking. It was a Saturday afternoon in July and we'd just seen a movie at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Riding the subway back downtown, we sat side by side, him in an inexplicable and smoldering silence. Then he got up and walked out of the train. I never saw him again.Francesco's behavior made no sense, and, a month later, I was still struggling to accept it. On a friend’s suggestion, I went to a yoga center to check out a Tantric meditation class. As I discovered, this yogic approach was different.


Valentine's Day Weddings & Proposals (So Cute!)

Love or hate it, Valentine's Day puts the pressure on all of us to step up our game and romance the heck out of our loved ones. Some people go the chocolates and flowers route. Others plan elaborate and sensuous meals. Still others look to the big day as an excuse to escape on a romantic getaway. But try living up to these couples: Some of them got engaged on Valentine's Day, and still others had their actual weddings on February 14. So was it the lovey-dovey, fairytale event they'd always dreamed of? And how do they top such a thing years later? We asked couples who took VDay to the next level about their experiences.

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He Said, She Said: Is Your Man Romantic Enough?

I've said this a thousand times: Romance is actually the number one issue in relationships where women feel dissatisfied. Sure, that's a sweeping generalization, but I'm pretty sure if you give me fifteen minutes alone with any woman, I could get her all riled up about romance. "What? He never makes you breakfast in bed? What? It was a decade ago since you've gotten flowers? What? He can spend twenty minutes rubbing the dog's belly, but never yours?" As a woman, I want more romance. It happens in movies. Why can't it happen in real life?

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Why Romance Novels Are Smarter Than You Think

I'm here to tell you that romance is easily summed up in one word: Fabio. Oh, yes, the long, blond hair, the gleaming hunks of waxed man-cleavage shown off by a shirt that's undone but still tucked in: these are the hallmarks of romance. I'm kidding, of course. That may be the stereotypical image of romance, and most certainly of romance novels, but that's not romance itself—not by a long shot. Here's what is.

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iPad? Meh. 10 Apple Products We Want More

We can't live without iTunes. We commute with our Nano clutched to our hearts. We've been drooling over our friends' iPhones. Basically, Steve Jobs has made himself indispensable to our lives. But we're pretty sure the iPad won't solve our most pressing problems. Steve: Use your tech genius to fix our love lives! Below, 10 Apple products and apps we'd like to see.

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What Is Romance?

Romance is a fancy steak dinner for two in a room lit purely by candles. It's flowers on a random day and falling asleep in your lover's T-shirt that smells like his cologne. But romance is also picking the other person up when they can't stay above water because they're scared, so scared they're breathless. What is romance to you?

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10 Signs He's Not The One

Some people say they "just knew" that they were dating their future spouse. But what about the rest of us? What happens when you're not sure if he's The One? If you're considering long-term commitment or marriage, it's time to ask yourself some tough questions. Below, ten signs that may indicate he's not the one for you.

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Waiting For A Marriage Proposal? Advice You Need

A modern woman shouldn't break down over a marriage proposal. But despite all the gender-role changes over the past decades, men asking women for their hand in marriage is a tradition that has remained strong. And for a woman who wants her man to get down on one knee, waiting for that one little question is stressful and nerve-wracking. But can waiting for a proposal really drive you crazy?

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How To Manage A Long-Distance Relationship

Being apart—be it one mile or a million—while staying together can be challenging for some couples, and a pleasure to others. YourTango’s got you covered! Check out the stories below for everything you need to know about long-distance relationships.

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"My Sister's Husband Hits Her"

Every year, 1.3 million women are victims of domestic violence and one of them is my sister. While cases are severely underreported because of the fear and denial common in abusive relationships, the US Department of Justice estimates that 25 percent of women in the US are or will be a victim of domestic violence. Read one sister's story and find out what to do when someone you love is in a violent relationship.

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How To Start Anew In Your Relationship This Year

January 1st is one of the few times of the year that truly feels like the first day of the rest of your life. It is also a great excuse to do a little relationship maintenance, under the guide of New Year's resolutions. This year we recruited a team of experts, including Mars Venus Success Coach Melodie Tucker, Dating Coach Evan Marc Katz, psychotherapist and author Elisabeth LaMotte, Dating Makeover Coach Kira Sabin, and Dr. Diana Kirschner, author of Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love to advise couples on how to make 2010 their best year yet. Use these five tips as a guide, but make the process your own.

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Top 10 Love, Dating & Marriage Trends Of The 00s

It's hard, in the midst of things, to see our romantic interactions and feelings as mere trends. But our love lives and how we conduct them are, like everything else, conditioned in part by the time in which we live. Here are the top 10 love and relationship trends of the decade.

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The Top 10 Relationship Books Of The 00s

When compiling this list of the best relationship books of the past decade, some overriding themes were apparent: Men are sex-obsessed cave men. Women are under the mistaken impression that they're living inside a real-life romantic comedy. But true love and soul mates do exist. It's been a confusing decade for the sexes, but we're confident that we'll figure it all out eventually. Here, a list of the ten most iconic relationship books of the '00s