whiskey drinking couple
Seriously, you need a sip of this. It burns.

The Threat Of Loss Is The Only Thing That Makes Love Worthwhile

The burn of a sip of whiskey is a metaphor for the painful moment in any relationship when you realize everything could conceivably fall apart. However the sweetness and headiness of a great relationship or malt is only in contrast to the bitterness and chance of loss.

Beating Infertility: We Will Become Parents, No Matter What
"Our babymaking difficulties almost drove us apart."

Beating Infertility: We Will Become Parents, No Matter What

After one-and-a-half years of fruitless (and awkward) babymaking sex, we had decided it was time to move forward with Plan B and seek out fertility testing. It was a big step. After all, not so long ago, we had been on the brink of separation, in part because of our frustrated efforts at procreation.

true or false
A recent YourTango Experts survey reveals the truth behind 12 relationship myths.

12 Myths You Shouldn't Believe About Therapy, Sex & Infidelity

Surprisingly, the number one thing couples seek therapy for—and break up over—isn't something as juicy as an unsatisfying sex life, money battles or infidelity. It's communication. Specifically, the breakdown of it. In other words, learning how to communicate with your partner could be the best thing you ever learn how to do.

Survey Results: Why Couples Fight, Split & Seek Counseling

A recent survey of counseling professionals from—the leader in love and relationships—has dispelled some long-held myths about relationships, namely that couples fight primarily about sex and money (or the lacks therof), and that infidelity is more toxic to a relationship than any other issue.

chris brown grammy award 2012
Reformed? Chris Brown accepts a Grammy Award three years after infamously beating Rihanna.

Once An Abuser, Always An Abuser?

It's official. Chris Brown and Rihanna are together again—musically, at least. While Rihanna may have forgiven Chris Brown, who pled guilty to felony assault, others can't forget the startling photo of a battered Rihanna and fear it could happen again. Which begs the question, can an abuser really change?

woman in captivity
The UN estimates that human trafficking is a $32 billion industry worldwide.

'I Was Drugged And Forced To Do Porn': Surviving The Sex Trade

Samantha* is 30 years old. She is a makeup artist; a nanny; a professing Christian, and an advocate against human trafficking. This cause is near and dear to her heart because she has been there herself. At the age of 24, she wandered into what she thought was a job interview in Southern California and ended up being drugged, beaten, raped, and forced to work in the commercial sex industry.

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Having a family to care for makes it easier to battle depression.

'Put On A Happy Face': How I Manage Depression As A Wife And Mom

Whether or not researchers have Blue Monday (this year, today, January 13) pinned accurately as the most depressing day of the year, the winter months can be a particularly challenging time for those who struggle with depression. The cold weather, holidays and reduced daylight hours are enough to make anyone feel a little bit sad. But depression is so much more than just feeling sad. Depression is sadness and it’s hopelessness, fear, a paralyzing sense that this is how you’re going to feel forever, that this misery is never going to go away, things won’t get better. Then there’s the guilt: the guilt that comes from feeling like you’re failing everyone around you. Like you should be able to snap out of this and come back to life. Feeling like you’re letting everybody down.


Confessions From A Codependent Marriage

My first marriage was a nine-year exercise in co-dependence. Believe me, I don't say that lightly. We dove head first into a relationship built on controlling one another and indulging a neediness that knew no bounds. We should have known from day one that we were setting ourselves up for massive failure.

woman cheating golf

Are You Doomed To Cheat?

In the game of love, few moves are more damaging and cruel than cheating. And yet, according to one recent survey, 25 percent of women say they'd be willing to cheat if someone piqued their interest

Brenda Clubine mug shot

The Dark Side Of Love: Shedding Light On Domestic Violence

Brenda's story is one told in Sin by Silence, a documentary about domestic violence's worst-case-scenarios where the victims are incarcerated for killing their abusers. The film makes its world television premiere on Investigation Discovery at 8 PM ET on October 17, coinciding with Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Award-winning director Olivia Klaus helmed the project, which was close to her heart and hit close to home.

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Baby Talk: In Our 40s, We're Still Not Sure If We Want Kids

I have been married almost four years now. For the most part, my relationship with my husband, Matt, who happens to be a matchmaker and dating coach, has pretty much been "out there" in terms of our views regarding dating, marriage, love, how men think and how to handle a breakup. We have written books, appeared on television and given lots of advice. But perhaps the one area that we haven’t had too much experience in dealing with: children. Until recently that is.

broken piggy bank

The Credit Downgrade: Fewer Splurges, More Stress For Couples

Unfortunately, when Congress was at a standstill about raising the debt ceiling, Standard & Poor was unimpressed with how the United States was handling its fund. As a result, just this past weekend the S&P downgraded the country's credit rating from an elite AAA to a lesser AA+. Now, we're looking at wild swings in the DOW on Wall Street, financial analysts uttering the word "recession" again, and potentially higher interest rates as a result of the downgrade. Since finances are consistently a huge form of tension among couples, we were obviously concerned at this news. So to put things in perspective, we asked experts what the credit downgrade might mean for our love lives as we move through the rest of the year, and even farther into the future.

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Stop Arguing! 5 Tips For Happier, Healthier Conversations

You know those moments when you’re having the same argument with someone over and over? Verbal Groundhog Day, in other words. The conversation almost always plays out the same way: it devolves to the point that you're not even sure what you were originally arguing about, leading both of you to feel frustrated and upset. The good news is it doesn't have to be that way. These five tips that will help you enhance communication with the important people in your life.