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10 Signs Your Spouse Is Really A Stranger

It can be difficult to stay connected to our loved ones in today's hectic world. We struggle to keep friendships strong with coffee dates and quick emails, and we diligently pencil in phone calls to our grandparents even when we're swamped. But our romantic relationships rarely receive the same type of attention that our friends and families do, and the results can be devastating. Imagine looking across the kitchen table at the familiar contours of your husband's face… and realizing that the man you married now feels like a total stranger.

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Poll: Does Your Love Life Need A Makeover?

Are you satisfied with your love life? Any areas that need improvement? This January, YourTango is launching a 31-Day Love Life Makeover to help couples enhance their relationship and help singles find the person of their dreams. With that in mind, we want to know how you feel about your love life. Please tell us!

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How To Answer Pesky Questions About Your Love Life

"When are you going to give me grandchildren?
 What ever happened to Paul? He was such a nice guy.
 So, are you seeing someone?" If you've ever heard a question like this and not known what to say, you're not alone. "I have so many clients who freeze when they get asked these types of questions," says dating and relationship coach and YourTango Expert Marni Battista. Your life is your own, and you should only talk about things you're comfortable sharing. Here's how you can steer clear of these potential social landmines.

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6 Tips To Minimize Holiday Stress

Between selecting the perfect gift for his parents, booking last-minute flights and spending hours in a cramped car, most people get frustrated at some point during the winter holidays. Unfortunately, the closest target for those frustrations often happens to be one's partner. After asking the YourTango Experts how to alleviate the season's stresses, we've compiled six tips to help you safeguard your love life from the pressures of holiday celebrations.

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How I Fell In Love With A Sugar Mama

What does it feel like to date a female breadwinner? Are guys OK with a woman who makes more money than them? Our writer's fiancée made 15 times more than him—and he loved it. Plus, advice on how to date a man who makes less.


10 Ways Reiki Helps Relationships

At least for today: Do not be angry. Do not worry. Be grateful. Work with diligence. Be kind to people. Those are the five principles of Reiki that practitioners live by. Simple advice for a better life—better relationships included. A Reiki Master shares what this Dr. Oz-endorsed practice can do for your relationship.

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7 Tips For Happy Holidays With Your Mother-In-Law

Adding a new person to the family, especially a new daughter-in-law, can threaten mom's position as matriarch-in-chief. There won't be friction in every situation, but we've heard enough complaints about getting along with mothers-in-law to know that many of you could use some help in this department. So in the interest of family harmony, here are seven tips for spending the holidays with your new mom.

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Single Life: 7 Ways To Stay Positive About Dating

I have probably been on more dates than 99.5 percent of the earth's population (oh how I wish I were joking) so I've learned a little something about it, including how to stay positive, even when it seems like your last good date was six months and/or a few dozen romantic dinners ago. Here are seven ways to stay upbeat in the face of dating dreariness.

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9 Reasons Couples Should Have More Sex

Couples that have become complacent in their relationship or too caught up with other things may not realize the benefits of a healthy sex life, but sex is important for so many reasons, both physical and emotional. You may have heard that sex releases oxytocin, the "cuddle hormone," which makes you feel lovey-dovey and improves your bond with your partner. There are many other health benefits you may not be aware of. Here are 9 reasons you should be having more sex.

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5 Married Women On Why They Fell In Love

I've been told by my married women friends that once you've been with someone for a while, it's helpful to walk down memory lane and recall why you initially fell in love. The bedazzled butterflies of new love inevitably give way to mortgage payments and mothers-in-law, and it's easy to get wrapped up in daily frustrations. So when you're feeling tired or annoyed or just need a little pick-me-up, a little romantic reminiscence might be just what the doctor ordered. With that in mind, here are five of our favorite married women and why they fell in love.

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Can A Non-Believer Date A Practicing Christian?

Interfaith dating: What happens when an atheist falls in love with a Christian? "For our second date, we opted for a movie followed by dinner. It was just after the entrees arrived that TD mentioned casually that he was a Christian and attended a church near my neighborhood in Brooklyn. I grew up thinking Christianity was something for "the other people"—red staters, conservatives, people who owned guns. If you did grow up in the Church, it was something you cast off as you became educated and matured. But here, sitting at the table across from me, was someone who was both of these things and still avowed his faith."

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The Power And Science Of Sexual Touch

What happens in our bodies when we touch each other sexually? Why is touch so powerful? The unromantic answer is that when we touch, our brains are affronted with a deluge of chemicals that change both us and how we relate to our partner.

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Embracing My (Real) Jersey Shore Love Life

If you've been watching MTV's Jersey Shore, maybe you can understand how a reasonably intelligent Italian-American woman from New Jersey, who lives within miles of the shooting location, might want to pretend to be someone else for a while. The fear of being lumped with characters like Snooki, whose "ultimate goal is to move to Jersey and find a nice juiced, hot, tan guy," is a great motivator for change.

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7 Ways To Stay Sexy After Menopause

As we lucky ladies reach our middle years, it's as inevitable as death and taxes that we'll experience menopause. Taken from the Greek words "pausis" (cessation) and the "men" from mensis (month), menopause literally means reaching one's last menstrual period. Hooray! No more cramping and tampons! On the downside, your body experiences a depletion of estrogen that leads to hot flashes, mood and sleeping problems, not to mention a lack of moistness down below. Due to a toxic mix of bodily and hormonal changes, many women find their sexuality, physically and emotionally, dwindling. So is there a way to still feel sexy when you're body's grappling to adjust to menopause? Absolutely. Here are 7 pointers.