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How 100,000 People Helped Save A Marriage

Three years ago, Chrisanna Northrup was a fairly typical wife and working mother of three; she and her husband both worked long hours, cared for their kids and had little time left over for themselves. Eager to learn from the experiences of other couples, she launched The Normal Bar project, surveying nearly 100,000 people to glean the collected wisdom of what makes a happy relationship tick.

couple paying bills together
Your "Money Relationship" is more than a balanced budget and savings plan.

10 Tips For Talking Money With Your Spouse

The 5 Money Personalities: Speaking the Same Love and Money Language, a new must-read from married financial experts Scott and Bethany Palmer (aka "The Money Couple"), says putting an end to money arguments isn't about balancing a budget — it's about understanding your and your spouse's emotional approach to spending.

david petraeus paula broadwell
"I think the answer to why this happens is much simpler than we wish to believe."

A Mistress Speaks: 'The Broadwell-Petraeus Affair Was Inevitable'

When the news arrived last Friday that the beloved General David Petraeus had cheated on his wife of 37 years with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, I almost ignored it as a non-event. In a different world, I would perhaps be shocked myself. But having lived it, I think the answer to why this happens is much simpler than we wish to believe.

Can you hear me now?!

Nagging: What You Say vs. What He Hears

"Put down the toilet seat!" "Clean the gutters!" "Change the light bulb!" These 'obvious' bits of nagging are actually the laziest forms of relationship clichés. [Yawn.] Not all women are naggers, and not all men are nag-ees. That said, nagging does happen. And because it's so hard for men and examples. (I may have exagerrated just a little, but you get the point.) What You Say: "Oh, are you playing Madden again?" What He Hears: "Video games are for teenage boys or fat virgins. When will you grow up and become a man with self-respect? You disgust me."

Work Husband
Can a close relationship at work threaten your at-home relationship?

5 Tips For Having A 'Work Husband' While In A Relationship

We've all been there. We've found ourselves bonding with a person of the opposite sex at work, whether it be complaining about the boss to each other, or sharing a secret laugh over your cubicle mate's unfortunate music choices. But if you're already in a relationship, can having a "work husband" threaten your at-home relationship?

moving in box
Cohabiting has put me in a cardboard box of fear.

Why Moving In With My Girlfriend Scares The Pants Off Of Me

My girlfriend and I are moving in together, and I think I might throw up. Not because I don't want to live with her, or because I was bullied, tricked or pressured into signing a lease (my deepest sympathies to the guy on Maury who was threatened at gunpoint by his future mother-in-law). But let's just say that sometimes I can be a bit, um, "skittish" when facing transitions.

angry woman yelling keyboard
Try NOT to freak out like this!

"Some B---- Wrote On My Guy's Facebook Wall!" 4 Steps To Take Now

We've all been there: you're having a great day until you log on to Facebook and see that some girl—that you may or may not know—has written on your boyfriend's wall or liked his status … again. Whether or not she's a threat isn't as important as how you deal with it.

father daughter holding hands
One woman recalls her pivotal relationship with her father.

My Life Changed Forever The Day I Found Out My Father Was Gay

"Your dad is gay!" my friend spat out one day when we were in a fight. It was as if she were accusing me of something horrible. I was nine at the time. That night, I confronted my mother. "Heather said Dad is gay. He's not, right?" She paused—a long pause—that confirmed my worst fear. I felt betrayed. "How could my dad do this to me? And more importantly, what was I going to tell my friends?"

whiskey drinking couple
Seriously, you need a sip of this. It burns.

The Threat Of Loss Is The Only Thing That Makes Love Worthwhile

The burn of a sip of whiskey is a metaphor for the painful moment in any relationship when you realize everything could conceivably fall apart. However the sweetness and headiness of a great relationship or malt is only in contrast to the bitterness and chance of loss.

Beating Infertility: We Will Become Parents, No Matter What
"Our babymaking difficulties almost drove us apart."

Beating Infertility: We Will Become Parents, No Matter What

After one-and-a-half years of fruitless (and awkward) babymaking sex, we had decided it was time to move forward with Plan B and seek out fertility testing. It was a big step. After all, not so long ago, we had been on the brink of separation, in part because of our frustrated efforts at procreation.

true or false
A recent YourTango Experts survey reveals the truth behind 12 relationship myths.

12 Myths You Shouldn't Believe About Therapy, Sex & Infidelity

Surprisingly, the number one thing couples seek therapy for—and break up over—isn't something as juicy as an unsatisfying sex life, money battles or infidelity. It's communication. Specifically, the breakdown of it. In other words, learning how to communicate with your partner could be the best thing you ever learn how to do.