what women want
The answers are simpler than you think.

What Do Women Want?

Besides the meaning of life and the ingredients of hot dogs, many a man has questioned "what exactly do women want?" We're not playing coy here, we know we're complex creatures. And, true, we operate on a different wavelength than men. But, woman aren't exactly the great mystery that men often make us out to be. The proof? We polled the YourTango staff and compiled a list of 10 simple things women want.

boomerang kid love life

The Love Life Of A Boomerang Kid

Recent studies estimate that "boomerang kids" are an increasing 21st-century trend, with somewhere around 40 percent of young adults living once again under their parents' roofs immediately post-college or after a temporary stint in the real world. The economy and unemployment rates are major factors, as is the Generation Me belief that an individual should never have to suffer through an unhappy job or relationship. What it adds up to is a mass exodus—back to childhood bedrooms. But what happens to your love life when you move in with your parents?

male infertility

Adoption Or IVF: Do We Have To Decide?

We had been married for eight years. We had been trying to get pregnant for six of those years and between IVF and ICSI had gone through five fertility cycles. We knew we could get pregnant but we didn't know if we could stay pregnant. We had spent over $200,000, and all we had to show for it was a glossy photo of four egg cells. That photo still sits in the drawer of the night table besides out bed, buried there. We're unable to look at it—or dispose of it. Other friends who were on the IVF merry-go-round and got pregnant, had their children. Some had their second child while we waited and tried again. Every couple who had a child swore by their doctor, their method, their technique—success was its own affirmation.

male infertility

Desperate To Have A Baby, We Tried Everything

Amy had been referred to a Beverly Hills fertility doctor, who was so reassuring that I took him to calling him Dr. Mellow. His office had a wall of photos of smiling babies, as if to say, "This will be you." We sat in his waiting room holding hands. We believed. We didn't know we had just taken our seats inside the Hope Factory. Once inside, the possibility of getting pregnant never ended. If one technique failed, you tried another, and kept trying. There seemed to be an infinite supply of hope.

Fixing My Male Infertility

Fixing My Male Infertility

Without referring you to the many, many, medical sites, books and journals I immediately consulted on the subject, there is some belief that a certain vein that traverses one or both testicles can, in one way or another, affect the quality of sperm production. Operating on it may, or may not, improve sperm quality. In my case, a double varocelectomy was recommended.

Billy Joel and Katie Lee

Marrying A Much Older Man Made Me A Better Person

Billy Joel and his wife of nearly five years Katie Lee are splitting up. A "friend" of the couple told the New York Daily News that the age difference of 33 years drove the couple apart. I doubt it. Maybe, like so many couples that end up divorced, they just weren't meant to be. You never hear anyone say "Dick and Jane are the same age— that must have had something to do with their breakup." I call BS on blaming the age difference when it comes to divorce. Though, admittedly, I'm biased.

strip club bachelor party

Why I Hated His Strip-Club Bachelor Party

The location of his party insinuated the need to have one last hurrah before we got married, and it offended me. Our marriage was supposed to be one long hurrah; something we looked forward to, not something from which we needed a reprieve. Sure it's idealistic, but if you can't afford some idealism the week before you get married, when can you? That was what it all boiled down to. The strip club wasn't the issue; it was the timing of the visit that bothered me.

My Wife Is My Boss: An Entrepreneur Couple's Tale

My Wife Is My Boss: An Entrepreneur Couple's Tale

After 12 years of living together, my wife and I knew well how to work together on things like double dates, shopping trips, and planning and executing killer vacations. Why should it have surprised me, then, that we quickly figured out how to work well together on work? In fact, we make a great team, and we can communicate quickly and clearly with complete trust, always knowing that we're both working towards the same goal. I'd assumed that more than a decade of living together would make us terrible co-workers. In fact, that decade of living together was training us for professional success together.

flooded home

From Tragedy To Togetherness: The Story Of A Flood

For two weeks in June 2008, heavy rains and widespread flooding pummeled the Midwest. The nation's worst natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina, the floodwaters decimated downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa, causing an estimated five billion dollars in damage and displacing over 2,000 people. Flood survivors recount how they lost everything but kept their marriages together.

Good Dad And Loving Husband: Can I Be Both?

Good Dad And Loving Husband: Can I Be Both?

Becoming a father and stay-at-home dad puts a strain on a couple's marriage. "Even though we split many of the chores involved in caring for our son, my best energy, both physically and mentally, was going to our baby; my wife was getting the leftovers. She was understandably frustrated, but we both assumed it was just the natural process for a newborn. After a while, though, the position became untenable."

bride and bridesmaids

"Is It Open Bar?" 34 Thoughts We Have At Weddings

Weddings are inspirational: they rouse us to meditate on our own love stories, to feel our hearts swell as our friends find their life partners, and to wonder "When do we start drinking?" If thought bubbles could appear above the heads of wedding guests, here's what they might say.

Misty May-Treanor
2012 Summer Olympics volleyball player, Misty May-Treanor

A Look Inside Misty May-Treanor & Other Pro Athletes' Marriages

Sore muscles, grueling training and abundant egos are the pitfalls of a professional athlete's career. For those married to fellow pro athletes, add long stints of time apart, living in different time zones and competing playing schedules to the list. The compromise and support these relationships require is something we can all appreciate, even if our own relationships seem ordinary next to the hectic lives of athletic superstars.

relationship mistakes women make

15 Relationship Mistakes Women Make

There are certain relationship mistakes women make over and over again. Like sleeping in a bad position and waking with a stiff neck, we sometimes don't realize we're blundering and repeating. Well, it's time to stop. We're declaring once and for all: let's quit! Quitters sometimes prosper, especially when lousy habits get left behind. Here's the list of relationship blunders we wish we ladies would stop making.

power fo small

In Relationships, Small Acts Are A Big Deal

Small acts go a long way—that is the point of The Power Of Small: Why Little Things Make All the Difference by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Kovol. The two ad execs are the authors of the best-selling tome, The Power Of Nice: How to Conquer the Business World With Kindness, but their new book is more than a guide to business-savvy. "These are the critical issues not only in business but in any relationship," explains Kovol. "If you think about how you met your husband or the thing that changed your relationship with your parents, it's never about some big grand gesture; it always comes down to some very small thing that happened." We spoke to Kaplan Thaler and Kovol from their offices in Manhattan about applying the power of small to dating and marriage.